Guest Post: How to switch from your winter handbag to a summer bag?

This is a guest post by Very.

With summer on its way, it’s time to start switching over from your winter handbag to the bag you’ll be carrying around for the summer months. Whether it’s a robust straw thatch bag or a lightweight handbag, there’s definitely a big difference in what you’ll need when the sun starts to shine.

Read on for our quick guide to make a simple transition from winter to summer:

1. Pack lightly
Summer is all about having the freedom and happy-go-lucky attitude that’s missing in dark and dreary winter months. As such, you should try to minimise the amount you store in your bag. This means removing all the clutter that may have accumulated in the bottom of your bag – old paper receipts, shopping lists and post-it notes included.
Start again with a fresh outlook. This may mean getting a completely new bag for the summer. There’s a great selection of bags online – check out the Ted Baker bags available at Very, for some of the most stylish examples on the market.

2. Be selective with your make up choices
The summer sun brings out the best in everyone, so you won’t need your full make up collection. Be selective and carry with you only those items that are absolutely essential. It’s time to get rid of any pieces that are close to their expiration date or are nearly finished. The sun may mean that you have to carry a little sun tan lotion with you, but these are now available in handy travel sized packs.

3. Clean out your purse
If you have a wallet full of unused credit cards, make sure that you get rid of them. Don’t let them clog up your precious purse space. If you keep them somewhere safe and organised at home, you’ll have easy access to them, without having to drag them around.

4. Use scented sachets
It’s also often a good idea to leave a little scented sachet at the bottom of your bag. It will keep it smelling sweet and fresh throughout the hot summer months, and will make it a pleasure to root through your bag for any item you require.


  1. Very interesting bag is always very clean and I am very picky about it getting dirty and messy:)I like the scented sachets tip.

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