Guest Post: 5 Shoes to Take You from Summer to Fall

Brooke Samsonite (@brookesamsonite) is a twenty-something residing in Indianapolis who is inspired by Lifestyle & Entertainment, Home D├ęcor /Home Improvement, Travel, and writing. Having only recently spread her always-fashionable wings and started freelance writing, Brooke loves to blog (over @ Belts & Bangles and Cooks & Travel Books) about her extensive experiences and offer valuable resources to inspire others.
Let's read her post on how to be trendy all year round by picking up the right shoes...

Making the seasonal wardrobe transition isn't for the faint of heart. Four times a year, we rummage through our closets in search of staple items that will tide us over into the next season without forcing us to drain our bank accounts for a fresh look. Shoes, perhaps, are the most challenging items in our wardrobe, because as temperatures change, styles and colors do, too. If you’d like to save a little cash this year, try investing in some shoes that will take you from summer into fall without a second thought.

Low Boots Low boots are a great go-to shoe, especially if you haven't had a pedicure in a few weeks. During summer, they look great with short sun dresses, and during fall they look great hugging a pair of skinny jeans. Take advantage of the current menswear trends to make a statement with your low boots. This style lets rugged meet polished with heavy stitching and the perfect shades of brown that pair so well with fall hues.

Volleys Who doesn't love a great pair of volleys? Even the name is fun to say, so why not pop these on when you're running the kids to the pool during summer or toting them to soccer practice during the fall? Volleys come in many cute colors and are completely functional with a non-slip grip, lightweight canvas construction and just enough heel to give you a little extra pep in your step.

Flats Flats made a comeback a few years ago, and they’re still a hot item. A flat looks great with shorts, dresses and skinny jeans. Due to their simple construction, flats tend to be affordable, meaning you can buy them in a whole variety of colors. Go fun and floral for summer, and tone it down with golds, browns and black for fall.

Heels No matter what time of year it is – or even what decade it is – heels are never out of fashion. If you are looking for a great summer-to-fall heel, go with a peep-toe pump in one of the year's hottest shades. For 2012, the nude pump is still number one, but if you want to make a statement, go with a color-blocked shoe or a navy blue heel. Nude pumps go with every season, and navy blue is this year's new neutral. You'll find it in stores every season.

Dressy Sandals If your toes need a little breathing room – particularly if you live in a climate with a warm fall season – invest in some dressy sandals. They’ll be perfect for beating the heat all summer long, and they’ll look great with your maxi dresses this fall. Gravitate toward sandals with a wedge heel for height, and choose the embellishments that best fit your personality and style.

Transitioning wardrobes from season to season is usually a pain, but it doesn’t have to be. If you stick with shoe trends that work for two or more seasons, you’ll have one less fashion faux pas left to worry about.

Thank you Brooke for this shoe guide! Very helpful indeed! :)
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