Want Long Eyelashes? Lash Growth, Extensions, and Care

 Lash Design client: Before/After
If you don’t think eyelashes contribute much to your overall attractiveness, try this simple experiment. Bring a cigarette to your lips- it doesn’t matter if you don’t smoke, borrow one from your closest raspy voiced companion- and try lighting it with a giant flaming lighter. Bring it up around eye level. Feel the burn as your eyelashes are fried and shrunk. Now give the cigarette back to your friend- unless you’re enjoying it, which you might: nicotine is, after all, more addictive than heroin- and go and have a look in the mirror. You cannot say that you now look more attractive with your stumpy, shrivelled lashes. Eyelashes are the piece of resistance of the face- the feature without which you’re never going to look your best. The experts at Lash Design have been in on this secret for some time.

There are, of course, ‘lash growing’ formulas on the market, but as a general rule they provide less bang for your buck than proper lash extensions. If a proper lash forest is what you seek, lash extensions are the only way to go. Often, women are reluctant to go down this path, fearing a drag queen like effect and a bothersome maintenance regime. That’s actually not the case.

Eyelash extensions need to be tailored to your requirements- if subtle is what you’re after, that’s easily achieved, provided you seek the services of an expert technician.

Maintenance is simpler than you might think. In the 24-48 hours following your lash extensions, you must avoid getting water on your face. It’s also very important to stay away from saunas and any other steamy environments you might encounter (enclosed bathrooms with no exhaust fan, gyms). The steam will loosen the adhesive holding your lashes in place.

To preserve your lashes in between refills, be sure to avoid using any oil based mascaras, eyeliners, and eyeshadows. Oil based cosmetics will, like steam, loosen the adhesive matter on your eyelids. Be sure to remove eye make up gently- no scrubbing!

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  1. Oh my goodness your lashes look AMAZING!! I would definitely get them done!



    Em’s Mixed Bag

  2. They look beautiful! I had them once and loved them xox

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  4. I'd prefer the fake ones thanks, too much hassle. xx

  5. These look great but I still havent made up my mind. :(

    PrettyGloss - beauty, makeup & a lil gibberish

  6. OMG such a big difference - I would definately get extensions or wear fake eyelashes everyday, if I had the money!

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    I am also running my 1st blog giveaway here where you could win MAC, Jewellery plus other goodies.

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  7. eyelash extensions are really popular in Japan but I hear you have to go once or twice a week to maintain long lashes - I just stick to mascara :)

  8. Third, I actually made a reservation on the phone but they seemed to have a convenient online booking system ( which I always prefer using it to calling). how to make your eyelashes grow longer


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