Cheap Jewellery at eFoxcity

In the past few days, I feel quite tempted to shop from wholesale stores. I still haven't, but I really want to. There is so much variety and the prices are dirt-cheap. Well, what pulls me back is the insecurity about quality and shipping, especially when it comes to online clothing stores. What I can venture into a little less fearfully is wholesale jewellery. If you have seen my recent Jewellery Haul, you'd know I am getting quite addicted.

eFoxcity is also one of those wholesale online clothing store. They have a huge variety of women and men clothing with special formal prom dressescasual pants for women and even wedding and bridesmaid dresses.  And guess what, they have shipping rates starting from $2.50, which is insanely cool.
Since I am more interested in jewellery, I made this kind-of-a wishlist with my favourite items from the website.

1. Euro Style Shield Gold Brooch – €4.75 / $6.40 (link)
2. Sky Blue Dual Ring Beard Rings – €3.20 / $4.31 (link)
3. Black Personality Stripe Euro Style Necklace – €7.29 / $9.82 (link)
4. Orange National Style Hand Tied Bracelet – €4.45 / $5.99 (link)
5. Fully-jewelled Exquisite Black Bowknot Ring – €4.21 / $5.67 (link)
6. Pink Korean Bohemian Diamond Mask Earrings – €4.78 / $6.44 (link)

Do you know of any good online wholesale fashion stores?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. Gosh! its an addiction and I'm suffering from it these days. Loved ur picks!!

  2. Hey! Loving ur ur instagram pics:-)
    plus I did do online shopping once..had a terrible exp..wrote it in one of my blogposts too..!
    Do follow me at

  3. I am looking for jewellery sellers to feature in my next blog post! It will require a little participation, however. I want to compare images of what you sell. This is the amazing collection with trendy visage. Thank you for sharing.
    Reference: Gear Jewellers

    1. Sorry I don't sell jewellery, I only review them. x

  4. Excellent post with lots of good info!


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