3 Essential Habits to Combat Aging Skin

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It can come as a rude shock to take a good look at your face in the mirror one day only to discover your skin has aged. Before that happens to you, be aware that products such as anti aging serum and good habits such as exfoliating regularly can prevent or at least delay for many years this frightening scenario. Here are three essential habits that can delay the aging of your skin.

Exfoliate often
As you get older, your skin’s powers of self-renewal begin to weaken. At some point, you will notice your skin becoming rougher and losing elasticity. Exfoliation helps to hasten cell turnover by getting rid of layers of dead skin cells. As a result, your complexion will be much less dull and fine lines and wrinkles will be diminished. Exfoliation also improves your circulation and enables your skin to absorb moisturizers and other facial products much more efficiently.  

Use an anti aging serum
With so many skincare products on the market and insufficient time to try them all, go for those that make the greatest impact. Anti aging serums are some of the most effective products on the market and can produce visible differences in a matter of weeks. Serums may also go by other names such as essences or boosters, but they all essentially work to improve certain aspects of your skin and are applied after cleansing and before moisturizing. A good serum will also increase cell turnover for brighter skin.

Wear sunscreen as if your life depends on it
While you might have scoffed at adults trying to persuade you to wear sunscreen as a teenager, the effects of premature aging caused by exposure to the sun start to show in your thirties and beyond, so invest in a good broad spectrum sunscreen to minimize any further damage. If you have sensitive skin, a mineral sunscreen is the best solution.

While discovering your first wrinkle can be a stressful affair, by cultivating good habits immediately, you can combat any further aging and work hard to maintain and improve on the skin you’ve got.


Beatrice Lawson is a skincare junkie and fashion fiend who has made numerous contributions to fashion and beauty publications both online and off. She has a degree in communications from the University of Southern California.

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  1. Nice post... I am in my mid 20's and I think now is the right time to change my skin care routine, to prevent any premature aging signs or any wrinkles...thanks for the suggestions.. :)

  2. I'm 34 and it happens exactly like you said. You look in the mirror one day and notice your skin has started aging. It's crazy. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Great you mention this! Sun is never good for the skin. So I protect myself with good sun protectors...., a good sunglasses, a hat etc..
    But I'm lucky that I have a brown skin from myself. But most of the people always think that someone who have a dark skin can't burn form the sun.
    I can tell you that this isn't true.
    This tips you gave here are so usefull..... thanks for this.

  4. Thanks for the advice. They are all necessary. Also, I'd like to add sleep and hydration - cheap and important tricks.
    Beauty Fashion Skin Care Blog -Girlie Blog Seattle | Casual Chic Style

  5. Very useful tips......xoxoxoxoxo.....:)

  6. thanks for sharing imp stuff :)

  7. very informative and in time for me :p

    Followed you from
    do check it out and follow back :)


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