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There is no better photograph than the one that portrays the love

Despite all the bad stuff happening all around the world, there is something that keeps all of us alive, and it keeps our souls safe and sound. It is the love. This is the main subject of many books, songs, movies and even photographs.

Nashville photographers, Polish tourists and American teenagers with cameras on their phones are all capturing the extraordinary feeling of love, in different parts of our Earth. The love images of young couples kissing and the cute pictures with old ladies and gentlemen holding hands, make an ideal wallpaper for your PC or just a nice picture for decorating your living room wall.

Ask a photographer what is the most of all photographed feeling and he will simply answer that it is the love. 

People manifest this supreme emotion in different ways. There are classic wedding photographs, images of parents and kids hugging one another, pictures with men walking their pets in the park. All of these are perfect creations that are portraying the greatest emotion humans can feel.

Photographing, the mad honeymoon passion of a new couple, is always a good idea. The thing is that this passion, sadly, may be temporary. It can disappear tomorrow for no reason, unlike the photographs that are supposed to last a really long time. A photograph can be always there for you, to remind you about the things that did not resist.

Captured love vows with the ocean in the background is a must for all the lovers in this world. If it is not the ocean, it could be a landscape, a bridge or some bright city lights. Photography is this genuine art that gives you the opportunity to freeze a moment of yourself. You can make it last forever only by letting the camera capture you. It immortalizes the love, in a way no other art does, showing real humans, real life circumstances and just real ordinary stuff.

Photography makes the temporary feeling of love last forever in beautiful art works. These can remind you later about what you felt once, or they could just inspire and make you crave for love. There is no better photograph than the one that portrays the love. Because, this is what our lives are all about, this is what our lives are really worth.

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