Make Your Perfume Last

Perfume has the power to invoke good feelings and great memories of special occasions with just one sniff, and as a result women have been using fragrances for centuries to make them feel good and also to attract the opposite sex. Perfume is hugely popular in today’s society, especially with celebrity endorsed scents in many high street stores. 
Perfumes consist of three notes of fragrance: the top notes, middle notes, and base notes. The top note is the one that catches your attention immediately but this will wear away within minutes. Then the middle note develops around ten minutes post application and the base note at around fifteen minutes. It is these middle and base notes that will last for hours therefore it is vital that you allow a fragrance to develop fully on you before making a final decision.

Once you have found the perfect fragrance you are going to want it to last as long as possible, however many cheaper fragrances on the high street simply fade away within minutes leaving you with little or no scent. It is worth investing in a quality scent such as an eau de parfum fragrance as they will last up to six hours after application.
Another top tip is layering your fragrance to prolong the scent. Many good quality perfumes now come with a fragranced shower gel and body lotion, so for a special occasion why not wash and moisturise in your favourite fragrance. If you do not have the fragranced products then consider using scented products that would complement your fragrance, such as floral body lotion for a rose based perfume.

Location, location, location
There is much speculation about the best place to apply perfume to make it last longer. One of the most common schools of thought is that we should apply perfume to the pulse points in our skin as this is where the blood vessels are closest to the skin. The warmth generated in these areas aid the projection of your perfume, and they can be found on the inner wrists, the base of the neck/throat and d├ęcolletage, behind knees and the inner elbows. As you move around during the day the warmth and physical action gently mixes the fragrance with your own natural body scent to create a unique scent just for you. 

How to apply perfume?
The very best way to apply perfume of any kind is to dab it gently on to the skin, then allow to dry naturally to preserve the fragrance. By rubbing your wrists together you can crush the chemicals within the perfume, which will distort the scent and also cause it to wear off much more quickly. If you do opt for a spray bottle, then make sure you hold it at least 8 inches away from the area to be sprayed and avoid contact with your clothes or accessories as they may become stained. 
Finally our last top tip to make your fragrance go the distance is to walk into a spritzed cloud of perfume for an all over blanket of scent, or perhaps spraying your hair with your favourite scent to help your fragrance last throughout the day.  

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