Nail Buff for the Nail Polish Addicts

If you are a nail polish addict you'd be aware of the trouble it takes to keep track of your growing nail polish collection. You make Google sheets or you put them on swatch wheels, always looking for something perfect. What would you say to the perfect catalogue that helps you organize your collection and also lets you compare nail polishes side by side.

For all us nail polish hoarders, Harpeet and Kam came up with Nail Buff. Keeping tracking of your nail polish is easy-peasy now! Here's how I added all my nail polishes one by one.

Here's what the team behind Nail Buff has to say.

Nail Buff is run by two sisters (Harpreet and Kam) who own a little too much nail polish between them. Harpreet is a qualified nail technician and Kam a qualified beauty therapist. Both are UK based but the website is available and works internationally.

Nail Buff allows you to compare nail polish colours online, side by side from a variety of manufacturers and also to create an online nail polish catalogue of all the polishes that you own

Harpreet lived in New York for a year and when she returned to London she could’t find a salon that did her nails in the amazing New York the way she was accustomed to. She therefore trained as a nail technician and started amassing nail polishes that she liked for her prospective clients.
After being out shopping one day for more polishes, she realized when she got home that she a) had a different polish colour on every finger and b) had bought two polishes she already owned and the plan for Nail Buff formed…

The ability to compare polish and the online catalogue are just the tip of the iceberg with what we have planned. Over the next few weeks we are working to allow users to be able to view other people's collections and also search for dupes based on an exciting new functionality we are building. Users should follow us on social media and keep an eye on the site for updates as to when these changes will go live . Our aim is to become the number 1 resource for all things nail.

What is “Compare polish”? 
This allows you to compare two nail polish colours side by side so that you can check if a nail polish is similar to or the same as another nail polish by a different finish or even the same manufacturer. You can use this to check if a colour you may want to buy is similar to a colour you already own for example or when deciding between two similar colours to buy.

Which polishes can I add to my online collection?
You can add polishes from Nail buff's database of colours, or you can add a polish that isn't in our database by selecting “Add New” and filling in the information.

Who can see my collection?
At the moment, no one will be able to see your collection, but in the future we will allow users to share their collection.

Can I use Nail Buff from my phone?
Yes! All the stuff you can do from a desktop, you can do from a laptop, tablet or phone.

So guys have a peep at at Nail Buff here. And don't forget to follow them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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  1. That's so useful! For ppl like me specially lol!

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