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I bought this Smashbox On The Rocks Trio back in December as a trial because I had never used Smashbox lipsticks previously. I saw this on Ulta as I was shopping for other things and figured I would give it a shot.

This was $19 for 3 lipsticks, whereas one lipstick by Smashbox is above $20. That’s what really drew me to buying it. The difference however is, these are 3 petite sized lipsticks, not your full ones. It was the best way for me to sample the product without wasting money.

The shades in this set are: Legendary (classic red), Primrose (pink) & Fig (dark purple). The lipsticks are creamy and glide easily in one swipe, so be careful if you are trying to mix colors or do not want the color to be very bright.

Legendary - I saw this as a pretty bright red lipstick. I am not used to nor do I wear red lipstick often, so when I wore this the first time, it was very noticeable. But I received a lot of compliments, so I assume I was able to pull this off.

After first applying this and for the first few hours of wear, this will be a dramatic red. Over the course of your day, it will fade a bit leaving it looking more like a stain, which I really liked because it does not wear off. It did not dry my lips at all and the wear is super long lasting. I was very pleased with this.

Primrose - Medium pink shade, and my favorite out of the 3. It is a cute pink shade, that is light enough to wear to work/everyday but still pigmented enough if you want a pink look. I use this mostly by mixing it with other colors, sometimes even with the other 2 lipsticks in this trio, to reduce the brightness of the other lipsticks. I’m not too keen on bright lips unless I’m trying to go for a particular look. I prefer a more subtle look and this lipstick is best for that.

Very fair or light skin tones might look washed out with this. Again, this does leave a lip stain and since it is long lasting, it will take a lot to get it off your lip.

Fig - Rich color of a fig, and the darkest color of the three. The warm violet with a hint of brown keeps this lipstick from being too bright, but it is a rich color so I would prefer to wear this with less eye makeup and let my lips do the talking.  I use this sometimes as a layer over a neutral/pink lip liner.

I would recommend wearing this in the fall time (will have to try it myself this upcoming fall) only because of my fair skin, I think this would be the best pop for my lips in the colder weather. It is an excellent color for a night out or an evening look in my opinion and for those that are new to the lipstick world, this would be a good dark color to begin with.

I love this set! I would highly recommend it as a starter kit. The price is so affordable and there is no commitment needed which is there when you purchase full sized, more expensive lipsticks. If you’re curious about Smashbox lipsticks in particular, this is the best way to experiment. My favorite, as I said, is Primrose because it is ‘safest’ of the three. It is simple and sophisticated (just the way I like it).

I bought this set from Ulta, but unfortunately I do not see the product available there anymore. You can still buy it on Birchbox here.

I would love to hear if you guys have used any of these colors yourself, or if you recommend any other Smashbox lipsticks. I love this brand as I already own one of their eyeshadow palettes as well, so I would love to buy more from them.

Thank you for your amazing thoughts on this lipstick trio girl. I would love to have 'Primrose' in my stash now. ^_^
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  1. Pretty shades! Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family!!

    Annie | DrugstoreDreamer

  2. I haven't tried any Smashbox lipsticks but they look great x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

    1. Hi! Yes they are awesome! I would highly recommend them! Give them a try! :)

    2. I would recommend them! They are awesome! Try em out :)

    3. i would recommend them! you wont be disappointed! :)

  3. lovely shades how about we follow each other?


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