Why Go To A Cosmetology School & How To Go About It

I recently watched this YouTube video of a dad asking his little 4 years old girl who cut her own hair why she did that. Her reasoning was because she wanted to be like her stylist Jessica. The video wraps up with her dad telling his little girl when she is older she can have scissors aka shears and cut hair like her friend Jessica. Needless, to say it was too cute for words! What stood out to me the most in video was the adoration this little girl had for her friend and stylist Jessica. Jessica has impacted this little girl’s life and hopefully someday this little girl will get to follow her dream and become a Cosmetologist! Not only is Cosmetology a fun and trendy industry, it is an industry where you have the power to change and impact lives!

Does this little girl remind you of anyone? Do you want to be someone’s Jessica? Where do you begin? How do I get started in following my dreams?

The first step when choosing a Cosmetology School is you wants a school that will prepare you well for your future career. Here is a guide to help you find the best Cosmetology school for you.

Credible College: What programs does the college offer; do they offer more than just Cosmetology like Massage Therapy, Esthetics and Nail Technology? Are they an accredited college? How many years have they been in business?

Schedule Options: What is the program schedule? Does the college offer online classes allowing you flexibility in work schedule to take care of family responsibilities while attending college?

License and/or degree: Will I have a degree or certificate upon completing? Does the school offer any Associates degrees related to Health and Beauty Industry? How do I obtain licensure? How does the school help with me getting my state license?

Alumni resource:
What does the school provide after I graduate? Do they offer Continuing education? Will it cost me anything to attend Continuing education once I graduate? Does the school help me get placed after graduation? What if I move to another state?

Exclusive Education: What will I learn? What products will I be working and learning with? Do I have to buy my supplies? What is in my school kit? What makes education unique at this school compared to other schools? Will you teach me about the salon business? Will you teach me how to build a client base and give me tools that can help me grow my business?

School Activities: How can I get involved? Does the school have different travel study opportunities? What about different certifications that I can obtain with my license; does the school offer those certifications to me as a student?

Dynamic Facilities: Make sure you tour the campus and visit with students and instructors. Is it an environment you can see yourself in? Ask the students why they chose that particular school? Meet your instructors and visit with them about what you will be learning. Does the campus meet or does it exceed you expectations? Does the learning offer you a REAL day spa environment? Does the salon area feel like it could be your own salon? Is the building neat and clean?

In-demand Industry: As a graduate from this school what will make me stand out from other licensed professionals? Where are some of your graduates working? What are some of your graduate success stories? What can I expect my first year in the industry?

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Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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