2016’s Biggest Hair Trends

2016’s Biggest Hair Trends

It's a new year and that means a fresh start! What better way to kick the year off than with a new ‘do? In 2016, lobs are still in (we just can't quit you, lob!), the shorter cousin of the lob--the bob--is back, sexy waves are all the rage, layers are pronounced, and it's ALL about bangs.


But the lob is so 2015, right? Wrong! The lob is so flattering that it's here to stay-- or at least for another year. Lobs are a great solution if you love the look of shorter bob-length hair but also want the sexiness and versatility of longer hair. This year, however, the lob is sleeker and more polished than last year’s version, with longer layers and blunt ends. Style with a shine mist or a spray-on oil to add some sleekness. Then, wrap yourself in a warm winter coat; lobs look super cute tucked into the coat with a few pieces in the front framing your face.

The Bob Is Back

Don't worry, this town is big enough for the lob and the bob. This year, cheekbone-length bobs (think Gatsby) are in, and the good news is they work with multiple kinds of hair textures. If you have wavy hair, this style will look extra cute and modern. Keep in mind that not all textures can rock this cut and it may take some time for it to grow out. But if you're ready to make a change, this may be the cut for you.

Ride the Waves

Grab your flat iron-- yes, flat iron--and get ready to create some waves! Most of us associate flat irons with sleek, straight hair, but they can be great tools for making sexy, textured waves too. To achieve this style, take one-inch sections of your hair and make “half moon” shapes in alternating directions. For a slightly less wavy wave, make the movements with your flat iron less pronounced; think bending, not curling.

Visible Layers

2016 brings us choppier, more obvious, and less structured layers. When deciding how short you want your layers to be, remember that the most flattering layers usually start right below the jawline. Style by taking a small amount of wax and distribute it through the ends of your hair while twisting a little to bring attention to the layers.

Oh, Bang! 

If you love bangs or have wanted to try them out, this may be the perfect year to do that. They’re in and there are various styles to choose from. For a 70s-inspired look, try bangs that are shorter at the center and get longer as you move closer to the temples. Blunt bangs are also a big trend; this year we’ll see a blunter cut of fringe bangs that fall just above the eyebrows. And if you have naturally curly or wavy hair, you're in luck: textured fringe is hot right now. Just make sure you tell your stylist that you want to wear the bangs in your natural texture.


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