The Perfect Custom T-shirt by Son of a Tailor

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Have you never been satisfied with how your t-shirt fits you? After all, a good tee is one of the most staple item of everyone's wardrobe. Well, now you can discard all your ill-fitting tees and replace them with perfectly tailored, high quality t-shirts from Son of a Tailor.

Son of a Tailor is world's first company that makes 100% custom fitted t-shirts. It's like your own personal tailor but based in Copenhagen. They exclusively use organic cotton and everything is made in Europe with the precise measurements provided by their customers.

"We believe great T-Shirt design should simplify the life of our customers, not add to the noise.
 We believe great T-Shirt design is a balance between the fit of the T-Shirt, the quality of the materials and the attention to details. 
And above all else, keep it simple!"

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Most companies make tees in the generic small, medium and large sizes but each body is shaped differently. How can everyone fit in just three sizes? A good fitting makes all the difference. With Son of a Tailor's unique fitting tool you can have your ideal shirt, which is measured keeping in mind your height, weight, age and shoe size. And if it doesn't fit even then, return it and order a new one. You can also choose from the various tee designs and colours, whether you want v-neck or o-neck, with or without pocket, heavy fabric or not etc. After all these specifications and precise measurements, the shirt is bound to perfectly fit your body.  

And the best part is, Son of a Tailor provides Free Shipping Worldwide! Why would you even opt for off-the-rack tees now? Start designing your ideal shirt NOW!

Take the Ideal Size test here or just read more about them here.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.


  1. Just discovered your blog. You're doing an amazing job. <3


  2. Wow! The brand sounds very satisfying in it's services!


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