5 Quick Makeup Tips That Give Products a Second Life

We’ve all been there. We get back from shopping, or receive a package in the mail, only to find that the makeup we ordered wasn’t what we expected. Maybe the color was wrong, or it just wasn’t as flattering as we’d hoped. And sometimes, we wear a lipstick every day for a month, and then swap it out for something else.

So what should be done with all these products? The ones that weren’t quite right, and others that you haven’t worn for awhile?

Before you toss these products or forget about them, consider whether you can make the most out of what you have. Turns out, there are clever ways to improve on makeup. Today, we’re offering quick tips to improve, transform, and re-purpose the makeup you already have.

Tip #1: Make a new lipstick
If a lipstick color wasn’t quite what you wanted, you can always make a new color by layering it with a lip liner, lip gloss, or even another lipstick color. It’s an easy way to customize your shade and turn a dud purchase into something you’ll use again and again. It’s fun to experiment with creating new shades, too. Often times, you can create a shade that looks better than any existing lipstick.

Tip #2: Fixing broken shadow and blush
When a pressed shadow or blush breaks, don’t toss it! Mix in a little 70% isopropyl alcohol to the broken color and press it back into the pan, tightly. Once the color has had time to dry in the pan (It may take up to 24 hours), it is ready to use again.

Tip #3: Enhance your eyes with matte eye shadow
Most put on eye shadow without thinking about how to intensify it, but a matte eye shadow can add an extra punch, without too much fuss. Blend in a shimmery highlight color and you’ll have a new look. Whether it’s too dull or just not enough oomph for your look, this is a foolproof way to transform your eyes.

Tip #4: Try a matte finishing powder
Turn your lipstick into a matte lipstick by applying Matte Finishing Powder on top of your lips. This also helps prevent feathering and bleeding.

Tip #5: Make your own tinted moisturizer
You can mix your loose mineral foundation with your moisturizer with a spatula like the ones from our disposable makeup brushes page to make your own tinted moisturizer at home and apply to your legs, arms, back, and decollete for a soft glow.

What are your best tips for giving your makeup a second life? Share them in the comment section below!

Mineralogie is a nationally and internationally sold mineral makeup brand based in Dallas, Texas, that is dedicated to all things natural and glamorous!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post.

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