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Vince Hydrating Eye Recovery Serum

While rummaging into my old stuff I stumbled upon this tube of ‘Vince Hydrating Eye Recovery Serum’. And there I thought I must tell my followers about my views on this. I bought it a year ago so I don’t have its packing to show you.

First, let’s see what Vince says about the Hydrating Eye Serum:
“Hydrating Eye Serum is formulated to define, contour, re-firm and brighten the skin, while softening the appearance of dark circles, eye bags, imperfections, lines and wrinkles. Created with a unique blend of peptides and antioxidants, including Green and White Teas, a potent free radical scavenger and our Molecular Complex™, this innovative featherweight serum is designed to effectively combat the multiple signs of visual aging around the eye area.”
Now how far is this true…

Vince Hydrating Eye Serum comes in a 15ml light blue tube which I bought for Rs. 750 approx. (I don’t remember the exact price). I had heard a lot about the product, and it had been recently introduced in Pakistan so I went ahead and bought it. I went into the routine of applying it twice a day. As you can see the serum is not too thick. It easily absorbed into my skin after a few minutes. It had the pro of having a completely light and non-greasy formula. You won’t find it sticking onto your finger for even a second. Plus, I really loved its scent. It smelled like all the luxury creams do, very light and flowery and rich.

Did the eye serum work?
A big NO! Unfortunately, this serum did not even gave me the illusion of working. I have pretty bad dark circles. So for ages I had been testing various home remedies too. I found the remedy of almond oil giving me an illusion of working more than this serum. I regularly applied the serum for about 3 weeks with no noticeable difference on my dark circles. The only thing it does is to reduce puffiness for which the price is too much. I do not have any lines or wrinkles so I cannot tell you does it have the anti-aging effect or not . But as far as dark circles and lightening of eye area is concerned it did not even give me a minimal outcome. So after a month I discontinued using it. Some people are of the view that creams don’t work until you try them out for at least 4 months. But I think a good cream at least starts showing its results within a month. And I am an experiencer of that one good cream, which I will review in my next post. For me, Vince Hydrating Eye Serum was a total waste of money. You enjoy applying it, as I did but without bearing any results except for somewhat reduction in puffiness. Personally, I won’t recommend this to anyone.

To know what really worked on my real bad dark circles, don’t miss out my next post where many ladies will find out the solution to their lifelong dilemma of dark circles.

Has anyone of you ever tried Vince Hydrating Eye Serum? How did it work for you?
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