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The story of my blog started 7 years ago, back in my hometown in Pakistan. It was just a regular day when all my dear makeup suddenly started speaking out to me and I decided to speak about it. I named my blog The Feminine Crusade and it quickly became a river of my opinions, feelings and suggestions about beauty products and techniques. 

I'm known in the blogger world as Shang J., and I am a 20-something beauty blogger now living in Germany. I'm also a wife and a newly turned mommy to a beautiful one year old baby girl. I am addicted to pasta, petrified of roller coasters, fond of cooking and love to dream about daring possibilities. Makeup is my obsession, my muse, the bee in my bonnet. It's my one and only pick-me-up.

I rebranded my website to Beauterazzi in April 2018. I love taking pretty pictures, scouting beauty products, making fun swatches and then pinning my thoughts on them. And that’s what this blog is all about! Stick around with me to enjoy this journey of everything beauty.
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