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Sigma Beauty - New Makeup Line (Coming Soon)

Simone Sigma of Sigma Makeup recently tweeted about a New Sigma Makeup Line which will be up for sale within two months.

You can see they have got fascinating packing and inside it you get some goregoeus eye shadow palettes.

The palettes are introduced with fun names:

DARE - Bold colours with catcy names like Reveal, Shout & Chase.

FLARE - Bright, cool colours like Allure, Oversea, Crush; this is the pallete I have my eyes on.

BARE - Muted shades in Command, Act, Elope this palette will compliment every skin tone.

Each pallete comes with Sigma's own dual head brush which itself costs $18.00.

Each palette is available for $35.00 which is super affordable. I can't wait to get my hands on one of these.

UPDATE: Click HERE to check the release!


  1. These look lovely, especially like the look of Bare and the packaging's great. Love the blog! Followed x

  2. These are so pretty!

    I think they're trying to copy the UD Naked palette though. :)

  3. Wow! those palettes look amazing!!!
    Love BARE!!

  4. @Nat - Aww! Thank you for following. Yup very tempting packaging.

    @Vintage Makeup - Yeah you are right they sure look similar. But Sigma promises good quality at a better price :)

    @Patukiii - All of them look awesome. But I love FLARE the most :D

  5. Thank you for joining the Saturday Beauty Blog Hop! I am now following you. Awesome blog, by the way!

  6. Argh! I'm in love with your blog!
    The banner looks great!

    I'm following you now!
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    if you like it please follow it <3

  7. I'm definitely going to need to check out these palettes especially since they come with the dual brush too!!!
    I'm following you through the "Blog Hop" and would love for you to follow me as well as my facebook page.

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  8. Wow nicE! i like !!
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  9. Thank you ladies for commenting. I am following you back :)

  10. Hi! Just found you through a blog hop and now following, i hope you can follow back also! I'd appreciate it so much :-)
    xoxo from NYC!


  11. im SO excited about these products, they look so amazing :) I have Sigmas previous makeup collection and its super gorgeous and so pigmented :)

    Xo Christine

  12. @ Lorena - Thanks for following :)

    @ Christine - Me too! Can't wait to get my hands on them ^^

  13. love this. So pretty. Beyond glad I discovered your blog. I'm absolutely in love with this. I'd really be glad if you visit mine too. Check it out for updates every day about the latest fashion news, trends and street style. Would love your support. Kisses from Brazil xoxo

    PS: If you follow me, I'll follow you back.

  14. @ Michelle - I know! It is such a tempting makeup line. Thanks for liking my blog :)

  15. That's cool! I remember a couple years back, Sigma had their own line of makeup that seemed pretty good, but disappeared for no reason. I was just thinking about those the other day, so how cool is it to find your blog and see they're releasing new makeup! In new packaging too!
    AND double ended brushes? SO COOL!

  16. @ Widdlesh - Oh! I didnt know that. I always used to wonder that Sigma should have some makeup stuff too. So now I am waiting for this makeup line to be released. ^^

  17. the dare palette look great , i m following you , nice blog .

  18. Great blog, lots of fun ideas and giveaway information.

    Following you. :)
    I have a fashion blog here in California

  19. Packaging reminds me of the Naked palette. Colors look nice :)

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  20. Thank you girls for commenting ♥

  21. wow, these look awesome!!!!

  22. I am sure they will be awesome ;)

  23. These look amazing! Especially the Flare palette :)))

  24. this is a cool sneak peek! I like Sigma brushes so it's interesting to see that they're coming out with their own line of makeup.

  25. wow.. this is so awesome, fortunately my blog is beginning to talk about basic makeup, and i would recommend this to my viewer.

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