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Blog of the Week #4

The fourth blog on my list is here because of its extensive reach. Neither limited nor devoted to one or two shades in the ‘girl world’, it’s a prism of all possible shades and what a crafted prism it is.

Indian Vanity Case – Jack of All Trades, and Master Too

Cynthia Z is an Indian blogger. She is an expert on anything and everything girly. The products that she reviews are as interesting as is what she has to say about them. The ease and wit of her opinions was what first drove me to comment on her post. Her blog perks me up and it is no surprise when I am done falling in love with her reviews (which I forgot to mention are an amalgamation of gorgeous photos and sexy writing) I am also done saluting her genius at making people crack up while reading about makeup. I could sum her blog up in four words: come enlightenment, come humour!

My Favourite Post

The Body Shop Butter Duo because this was the first post that me made want to comment because I couldn't stop grinning on how she put everything.

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