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June - Hits and Misses

Last month I started with the Top 8. Then I thought we always talk about things we should buy, why not talk about those things as well which we should not buy. So from now on I'll be doing Hits and Misses of every month. For the month of June, the Hits and Misses are:


1. The Body Shop Shea Body Butter

Ooh I just love this thing. It's a non-greasy, non-sticky, super-moisturising body butter that makes you feel all soft. It smells heavenly. Feeling yourself smell like this the whole day is something nobody should miss.

2. Luscious Twilight Kit

I have used a lot of these eye shadows this month. They are very pigmented and I love the vibrant array of colours. The only con is that they are a bit flaky. But c'mon you get four lip glosses and a pretty pink shimmer with it.

3. John Frieda Frizz-Ease Serum

You know this is a hair-saver ;) Click HERE for the review.

4. ST. Ives Apricot Face Wash

Ah! This thing makes me feel so fresh and clean. It has got microbeads which gently cleans your face and prevent breakouts. 

1. Saeed Ghani Sandal Whitening Milk

This thing gave me a massive breakout. It is too moisturising for my combination skin. And in this hot, humid Summer I don't even want to use it on my feet. It's kind of oily too. Though I do plan to try it out again in Winter to see if it gives any different results.

2. Rivaj UK Eyeshadow Primer

What a downer! It is so hard to get a good primer here. When I went to buy this I had only three options: MAC - which is way out of my budget, Karaja - of which I have read so many bad reviews already, and the third this Rivaj UK. Thank god it is not that expensive because it ruins my eye makeup before I even apply it.

Hope you enjoyed going thorugh my June's Hits and Misses. Keep on a look out for more at the beginning of each month.

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  1. I love this post! I so wanna try the St.Ives Apricot Face Wash now.


  2. great post... it is good to know about things we should not buy .. :)


  3. the Shea butter is a must!! hahah lovely post :)
    I use the st.ives face wash and its really really nice love it :)

  4. Great post Shang :) LOVE your hit list <3

  5. I love this post ^^ Elf Cosmetics makes a very good eyeshadow primer and they are very affordable as well ^^

    Love Christine ♥

  6. Nice post.I love that body butter too. Smells like chocolate :)yummy

  7. I love reading hits and misses! :D I may check out the body shop shea butter! it seems like a great product. :D

    The palette is gorgeous too. All the colors look pretty and bright. Is it available in other countries too?

    Most eye primers are from high-end brands. They're expensive. I use NYX. It's pretty good, better than nothing. I'd like to try ELF too.

  8. So enjoyed the post. Thanks for sharing. Now I to try the TBS product

  9. @Cynthia Z - I can keep buying this face wash forever. It cleans so gently! ^^

    @Jeeya - That's what I think too. We should also be aware of all the NO, NOS!

    @iheartmexoxo - The body butter is a luxury at home ;)

    @Sara.H - Thank you so much!

    @Christine Iversen - I know. But unfortunately ELF is not yet available here :(

    @Pandora's Box - I am not really good at describing smells. I am sure you are ;) But it does smell awesome!

    @Lady Sakura - I don't think they are available in the retail shops. But they have an online shopping site: http://www.iloveluscious.com/
    You are right. But the problem is I was not getting any good high-end primers here. And only had the 3 options I mentioned above.

    @Nivedita - Surely do! You won't regret it. :)

  10. The body butter looks yummy!

  11. I’m yet to find a moisturiser better than tbs’s coco butter!

  12. the summer heat makes my skin so dry - must try that moisturizer nothing i get seems to work xx

  13. I love the Body Shop Shea Butter, it's such a great product for the price. And thank you for the recommendation on Frizz Eaze, I've wondered about it!

  14. @Gaby - It is ;)

    @Tess - Do share it with me too. :)

    @blacksandbrights - You'll love it. It is super-moisturising, with no greasy part.

    @Sada - You are welcome! I use this serum regularly after washing my hair and love it.

  15. Since none of the brands of your "misses" category are available here in austria I am lucky I won't have to share your disappointment!

    I love the Body Shop Butters as well!

  16. Hahah! Then you are lucky :P

  17. love this post and ur blog is lovely !

  18. I had the Rivaj primer and it does NOTHING except make your lids oily. Recommend me a primer if you do see one :)


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