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August Hits and Misses

Another month goes by, so time for another Hits and Misses post. Here are my loves and not-my-loves of August.

Isn't this thing absolutely dazzling? My cousin gifted me this on my birthday a week back. A girl's makeup bag is incomplete without a pocket mirror. Though I had one, but not as intricate and beautiful as this. For months I have been drooling on Sigma's Heart Shaped Mirrors and now I can definitely find something new to drool on. I'd really consider it my best gift of this birthday.


Sigma Eyeshadow Palettes are the new hype. And out of the three 'Flare' definitely gave me some awesome eyeshadows to play with. For a detailed review of this palette, click HERE. To see the look I created from 'Flare' click HERE.

I have used this blush a lot this month. Since I have bought it (that would be last year) even the most expensive of blushes cannot compete with the colour it gives to my cheeks. This blush gives me the most radiant, shimmery, peachy glow. It is perfectly pigmented, easily buildable and blends smoothly. There is a slight fallout, but who cares, I so love the colour.

This is my first shatter polish. And yes, yes it is worth every penny. You need to get a hang of application to get a flawless shatter look, but it is not at all hard. After a few strokes I knew how to get a thin or thick shatter. To see how jazzy the black shatter looks on my nails click HERE. I plan on doing a detailed review on it soon.

02; that is what the shade is called. First, brands with no product names only numbers show their lack of creativity. I forgive Etude's blush above, because it is SO awesome. But this gloss, I don't even know why I bought it in the first place :S Don't be fooled by its colour, because it deposits none. I can't even use it as a transparent gloss because somehow it makes the other whatever colour lipstick pink. How weird -_- And the cherry on top is that the gloss keeps oozing out of the bottle making all its lipgloss neighbours sticky.

Another bad lipgloss purchase, but not as bad as the first one. The first time I used it I kind of liked it. This is a long wear lip gloss which dries on your lips for 24 hours stay. And yes it does stay on my lips even after I am done eating and drinking, but if I use it with any other lipgloss/lipstick it maybe disturbs the formula or something because the gloss comes off leaving my inner lips bare and outer lips lined. To avoid looking like a lipstick disaster I have to keep checking and reapply. And if I use it all alone it makes my lips look parched.

I hope this month's post again gives you some new things to buy and some to stay away from.


  1. Every girl needs a pocket mirror handy.(:
    Plus that blush color looks so pretty.

  2. The hits are definitely HITS! Love your pocket mirror. I just got myself one. Will be posting about it tomorrow :)

  3. The pocket mirror is so pretty. :)

    I hate lip glosses that make their neighbors sticky and those that cannot work well with other lip products.

  4. WoW all above I need... :)
    Visit my blog--> Stay Blessed

  5. I love to carry pocket mirrors.bought myself a lot when was on a trip to Thailand.i LOVE urs too :)

  6. The blush is absolutely GORGEOUS! :)

  7. I love the pocket mirror it's really pretty x

  8. I have/had quite a few shatter polishes, and I have yet to really make up my mind if I like them or not!

  9. My my the blush looks gorgeous. What a beautiful peach. Lovely pocket mirror. Happy belated birthday.

  10. NICE BLOG!
    Following you from now on - I hope you'll visit my blog and follow if you want :)

    Kisses from Germany !!!

  11. Love the nail polish! :D

  12. Thanks for sharing your hits and misses! I love the jeweled pink/peach mirror! - Mar
    -Not Your Ordinary Beauty Queen-
    Don't miss: Three H&M Leather Bands Giveaway!!

  13. i love the pocket mirrorrrrrrrrr

  14. wow!!
    really like these make up colors! :)
    I have a new special post on my blog...I would love if you pass by!
    have a nice day! :D

  15. such a lovely pocket mirror....L.D.M is really good brand I have two lippies and one nail polish of this brand

  16. The pocket mirror is adorable- and it's such a good idea as a gift.. I think I know what my friend is getting for her birthday now :)
    & the blush is stunning!! x

  17. Czarina - It looks prettier on the cheeks. ;)

    Sara.H - Yeah I saw it. And it is SO CUTE, seriously.

    Pammy - And especially when I have to wrap this lipgloss carefully so that it doesn't destroy others. -_-

    Asma Khan - Hahah! Get them NOW.

    Areej Usman - Aww. Thank you. I'd love to see yours. =D

    Pyari Beauty - Thank you. I love it too. ^^

    Beauty on a College budget - Trying hard to get the best application annoyed me too in the beginning, but I love the finished shattered look so much.

    Pandora`s Box - Thank you for the wish. It is, trust me. And that too cheap. ;)

    Celina - Thank you for dropping by. Following you back.

    Mar - You are welcome. I kind of look forward to posting this every month. ^^

    Angela Alvarez - Thank you. I'll definitely check it out. :)

    sahar awan - Lovely. Sad that this lipgloss didn't work out for me. :(

    Radiant Make Up - Thank you. Great that I could help inspire an idea.

    CottonCandyINK, Alessia, Peiyinn, ZatZ - Thank you. ♥

  18. the pocket mirror is so pretty as well as the sigma palette..
    i so want to get the sigma bare! i hope hope hope..
    i'm just kinda disappointed with the shipping cost, that's why.. and i ordered already some brushes, still waiting for it.. but i wonder why i didn't buy any of these eyehshadows.. >.<

  19. Looooove your selection!

    hugs and kisses by Mani.

  20. Reply your comment here. :)
    I'm using Panasonic Lumix GF-3. With digital camera body but with DSLR lens. :)

  21. awesome blog !!

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  22. I loooove the bedazzled mirror--it's so girly and cute :))

  23. I want this ldm paris lip moisture
    Please some one tell me how can i get this online in pakistan
    Please help me

    1. Hi Iqra! I got it three years back from Al-fatah. This brand is not really popular, therefore not easily available online. If you are looking for an affordable long-lasting lip gloss stain you have better options in Catice, MUA & NYC. xx


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