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I've Got Mail

Do you see all this? THIS is the reason I had a super-duper week. Never before I have got so many packages together in mail. And I just couldn't help posting them altogether.

Let's see what I have got from where.

The first mail I got was from Just4Girls.pk. I ordered these on their website and my oh my how impressed I am with their services. They keep track of each and every package and they have the fastest delivery I have experienced by far. They have made it a treat for all Pakistanis to indulge in all those high and low-end International products which were so out of reach before. I picked for myself:
Beautyuk Shatter Polish in 'Punk' - PKR 650 (this is actually for my friend)
Beautyuk Stripey Blush in 'Pink' - PKR 750
Beautyuk Concealer in 'Nude' - PKR 550
Oriflame Beauty Kajal - PKR 399

Next in line was Liz Earle's package. I reviewed their amazing Cleanse and Polish recently and as a thank you note they sent me:
Instant Boost Skin Tonic (200ml) - £12.25
Skin Repair Light Moisturiser for combination/oily skin (50ml) - £18.25
With this they also included 'Sheer Skin Tint samples' in 3 different shades.

This and the next was the package I was not at all expecting. But well they made my week more awesome. Elizabeth Grant generously send me some things to review:
Cleansing Mask - $30.00
Golden Caviar Eye Pads - $50.00
Advanced Celluer Age Defense Day Serum -  $65.00

Don't you find them so cute? Thanks to Lime Crime I am able to try their fab products. In their package I got:
Magic Dust Eyeshadow in 'Twilight' - $14.00
Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper (waterproof) - $17.00

And lastly - THE HYPE. I picked 'Sleek Pout Paint in Mauve Over' from Sarah Glossicious Blog Sale. Unfortunately, I was unable to transact the money and she was so utterly sweet to send it as a gift. And however tiny this thing is, it is worth all the millions. I HEART it. Hugs to you Sarah for giving me such an exotic lip paint.

I'd be reviewing each item soon. Just keep a look out. And till I post, I am going to have fun pampering myself with all these. ;)


  1. Awesome! It's always a great feeling when you get beauty mail :)

  2. wao great..would love 2 read review of these awesome products

  3. so it means some great reviews are coming up:)

  4. WOW! Awesome stuff :))


  5. awww..i can feel ur excitement!! waiting for the reviews :)

  6. Great stuff! It sure was an amazing week for you :)
    Sarah Ali for sure is the sweetest :D

  7. Yayee !!sooo many goodies . Looking forward for your reviews :) the beauty uk blush looks cute. Thank you for such kind words :)

  8. LOVE everything you have got! :) I can't wait for the reviews. xo

  9. wohoo njoy d products !!

  10. you mus b having a super duper week :-)

  11. wowww ... surely its been a lucky week for you girl... waiting for reviews :)

  12. Wow lucky you! Waiting fro the reviews

  13. Everything looks sooo lovely!

  14. lovely stuff so you got a bashing week, waiting for reveiws.... :)

  15. A ton of goodies!!! Can't wait to read your reviews :)))

  16. Awesome stuff youvve got there.....
    Waiting fr the reviews :)

  17. I can learn counting again with that much stuff seriously.. ;)
    Looking forward to more of awesome reviews! =)

  18. You got some generous packages from Liz Earle, Elizabeth Grant and Lime Crime! I've never heard of Elizabeth Grant before but their products look so chich.

  19. nice! xo

    p.s. I'm having a necklace giveaway from gigi vintage if you'd like to check it out. :)

  20. Thank you lovelies. ♥

    GABY - Elizabeth Grant is a Canadian owned company. I am sure you'd be interested in checking it out. :)

  21. if i get so many parcels at once.. my postman will get hyper LOL he's already little suspicious as to why im getting packages often :P


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