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Review: Sigma Buffer F45

Ideal to apply mineral foundation, loose or pressed powders. Also great to buff colors and obtain a soft, blended look. Natural bristles.

You can buy it online from Sigma.

The brush is about less than 3 inches in size, suitable for applying loose/pressed powder or mineral foundation. It comes in a translucent red bag which is so cute. You can check that here.

Sigma Buffer F45 brush is so very dainty and petite in size and very fluffy and large from the top; I find this odd combination ADORABLE. F45 is particularly for giving that natural finish to your face. Lately, I have shifted to F45 from sponge to apply pressed powder to my face. What I like best about it is its pick-up power. The bristles are densely packed because of which it picks up good amount of product and gives a smooth, flawless application on your face. It also perfectly buffs out colours and is a life-saver in blending out the harsh lines in your makeup especially when you apply bronzer or blush. Because of its petite size F45 is your best travel buddy. It fits in like a baby.
Apart from all this I am personally of the opinion that F45 is not the softest brush ever. Plus I do see some shedding of bristles here and there, unlike the F80.
Still this doesn't keep me from being impressed with Sigma's brush line. And makes me yearn to have in possession each and  every brush by Sigma.


What I love about Sigma brushes is their great quality with a cheaper price tag. Everybody can’t spend on MAC but Sigma gets you that same thing within your reach and budget. And this Sigma F45 buffer brush is so many things in one.


  1. It's great for mineral makeup

  2. I am not finding it very cheap. Its bit pricey for a brush. But at the end of the day, if someone is going to use it for salon purposes, it might last them for ages.

  3. Great review. I agree with Aiman. Sigma brushes are a bit expensive for personal use..but i would still love to one :)

  4. i'll be soon having this giveaway! i'm excited.. thanks for sharing this hun!!
    i miss reading your blog.. thanks to my blog roll now.. i can see your post

  5. keep in touch hun. see you

  6. Interesting!! I like it..such a cool review :)

  7. Thank you so much for your nice comment! :) Great blog! Followed! <3

  8. I am planning to buy this brush from sigma, great review, thanks so much for leaving the wondeful comment on my blog :)

  9. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog :)
    I'm curious with Sigma brush!! nice review!!
    follow back ;)

  10. aww, thank you for the comment! have a great day :))

  11. I totally agree with you! I love the value you get when buying a Sigma brush! They did a great job with their brushes!

  12. Interesting and great sharing! :)

  13. Thank you for all your comments. ♥

  14. I love kabuki brushes! This one looks fluffy and nice! xoxo

  15. i'm loving this kabuki brushes.. it is so soft!


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