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NOTD: Color Studio Nail Polish in 'Electrique' + Stamping

It is impossible if you are in Pakistan and you still haven't heard all the hype Colour Studio Professional has created with its nail colours? They give you everything from the funky yellows to the lilacs that remind you of violets and with the price anybody can afford.
After hearing so much about its festive shades, I was dying to try them out. While choosing, I was paralysed with indecision with all the cheery nail colours and my desire to grab all. I had no idea how good this polish was so I just bought this one in Electrique. Exciting name, right? I like companies that name their products instead of giving them numbers. Well, the shade is all its name and more. 

I have never, NEVER, seen a more beautiful blue. What may I call it? Err..shimmery, bright, catchy, denim blue? The picture doesn’t even do justice to the beauty of the shade. I am sure, this colour will suit ALL nails and skin tones. I have applied two coats of the polish. Electrique has slight glitter in it, making it all the more dazzling. The polish comes in a fat bottle of 11ml with the price tag of PKR 250. And seriously I like the look of this FAT bottle, makes you think you are getting more product, when you aren’t :P But honestly the bottle looks cute. Apart from the exquisiteness of the colour, the polish does not chip off or starts looking worn out after a day or two. I wore it for 3 days (that’s the max I can go), and it stayed crisp till the final hour. Like all glitter polishes, it was difficult to take it off, unless you quit being lazy and try following the tips that makes taking glitter polishes off easy. But I sadly am lazy.

I shot this picture in flash light.
Isn't it one EXOTIC blue?

I trapped my sister to subjecting herself to my stamping mania. Here’s what I did on top of Electrique with Born Pretty Store’s floral stamping plate (review here).

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