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Hits and Misses of 2011 (Makeup)

Here goes away yet another year. 2011 literally flew by.  It has been amazing, especially because I started blogging; a sudden desire which grew and grew and has brought me here today. I never imagined I could reach out to so many gorgeous people, when I don’t even consider myself any makeup expert. I have learned A LOT this year and hope I do more in the next.
I have always been tempted by makeup, but never put on much. I still don’t, but have certainly started hoarding a lot. My collection prospered from a tiny space to a whole cabinet. Haha. And to do that collection some justice, those beautiful li’l things need some credit and where there are some delights there are regrets too.
Today you can explore through my Hits and Misses of 2011.


Here are come close-ups:
§   Sigma Flat Top Sythetic Kabuki F80 (read review)
§   Liz Earle Sheer Skin Tint in ‘Beige’
§   Rimmel London Match Perfection Concealer in ‘Classic Beige’ (read review)

§   Sleek Makeup Pout Polish in ‘Electro Peach’ (read review)
§   Rimmel London Vinyl Gloss in ‘Be Famous’ (read review)
§   The Body Shop Born Lippy in ‘Strawberry’ (read review)

§   Lime Crime Candy Eyed Eyeshadow Helper (read review)
§   Sleek Makeup Blush in ‘Pan Tao’ (read review)
§   DMGM Sparkling Jewels Baked Eyeshadow in ‘Bronze Spark’

§   Colour Studio Professional Nail Polish in ‘Rara’
§   Beautyuk Shatter Polish in ‘Goth’ (read review)
§   Claire ‘Matte’ Nail Polish Top coat

After seeing some comments especially about Misses, I have decided to update the WHYs about each MISS.

§   Avon Nail Colour in ‘Rose Water’
It is a beautiful colour which is a torture to apply; very streaky and thick, even when I first bought it.

§   Luscious Pressed Compact Powder in ‘No.2’
I expected a lot from Luscious, but this compact is way too powdery. The shade is very yellow so I use it  on my dark circles, but for the face I just pat it. For PKR 875 there are many better options available.

§   Oriflame Beauty Kajal Eyeliner
I bought it after hearing so many good things. But it is a total waste for a Kajal that costs PKR 400. It is darker than the usual Kajal but smudges badly making my dark circles appear worse.  And then it doesn't come off that easily so I keep looking like a goth for a couple of days.

§   Rimmel London Extra Super Lash Building Mascara
It does nothing to the lashes. No volumising, no lengthening, no separating of lashes.

§   Jelly Pong Pong Dynamic Duo in ‘Ballerina Lace’ (read review)

§   Motives Luxe Precision Eye Line in ‘Sapphire’
A beautiful colour that doesn't show up.

§   Oriflame Visions Bootilicious Lip Gloss in ‘Bootie Call’
It must break the records of being the gloss with the minimum(almost none) staying power. Being so dark in shade it makes your lip look awfully bare later.

§   E.l.f Natural Radiance Blusher in ‘Coy’
The colour doesn't show up much, it comes off easily and the blush is very chalky.


  1. great hits choices, sorry you didn't have such great lucy with the misses

  2. i like the hits, great products1!x

  3. sleek makeup is always a hit...lovely post :)

  4. Nice post:) Why dont you like the oriflame kajal? (just wondering b/c i was thinking of buying it)

  5. i totally agree with the Oriflame Kajal. Its a complete waste.

  6. Great hits.I didnt like luscious compact powder either.
    Have a great new year

  7. Great post! I would like to know why your misses were misses!

  8. Shahtaj and Sidrah! - I have updated the post with reasons. You can read them now. :)

  9. Great picks! I would love to try that lip balm. And the concealer is also my fav! <3 :)

    I am glad the shatter worked for you. Mine just dried after three weeks and I could use it no more so I threw it away. And you are right, ELF blushers do seem chalky to me too. Thanks you for sharing this awesome post!! <3 xx

  10. Your Hits are great specially Sleek Makeup and Liz Earle Sheer Tint <3

  11. Sara.H - I got a dried up shatter polish first and that had to replaced. This one is perfectly fine till now. And hope it stays too. :)

  12. Wow great faves <3 lovely post!!!!

  13. awesome post...lovely hits

  14. Such a great post to end this year! :) I've learnt a lot too this year by blogging and I found so much magic in makeup... anyway following you now! Wish you a happy new year!


  15. This was such a great post! I've done my loves, rather than misses too! :)

    Lucy xx

  16. Thanx for mentioning why the misses didnt work out for you! I was always hesitant on the Oriflame kajal bc EVERY kajal I try never works for me and just makes a mess on my waterline.

  17. Great compilation of hits and misses, I am not much of a make-up user so have not heard of some of these brands. But I will make sure to be on the lookout and not buy the misses. Thanks for sharing.

    Hope you have a great New Year!

  18. Thanks for sharing your hits and misses! I have one of the Sleek pout polishes too but haven't tried it yet. I hope I'll like it as much as you do though.

  19. thanks for sharing..would like try the rimmel's concealer someday..=)

  20. Great post, really enjoyed reading it! x

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  22. Some great hits. I may try some of them in the near future. :) x


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