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Review: Born Pretty Store 30 Color Lip Gloss Gel Lipstick Makeup Comestic Mirror

30 colours lip gel Brand new in retail package with a piece of mirror
Suitable for professional use and home use

Buy it online from Born Pretty Store.

This is a lip palette of 26 x 16 cm with 30 shades. The small colours have a diameter of 2.8 cm and the larger ones 3.8 cm.
Below are the swatches of all the colours of this palette.

The palette itself has a very simple look and is very light, the packaging is inexpensive, all plastic inside. At least you know you won’t break it :P There is a cosmetic mirror attached to the palette. It makes it totally travel-friendly though the size maybe an issue to be fit in every crook and cranny. There is a transparent protective shield to protect the mirror from the lip colours. What counts is what is inside. In the palette you will find all kinds of colours, there are a lot of pinks and some reds, not to forget the weird shades of black, blue and green. To be honest, for only $8.54 I did not expect to be wowed by it. Lip shades in palettes seldom give any colour to your lips. BUT this palette did surprise me. The darker shades are VERY pigmented and bright. I LOVE that about it. You also get some great nudes and light shades for those non-dramatic days. There are so many shades to play around and mix n’match. I mean c’mon you are getting your own set of Pout Paints/Lip Tars for cheap. Seriously, I use lip colours from this palette four times a week. The lip colours are matte(except for a few which have a glossy texture) and feel drying. So I use them with a lip balm. They last quite long. I wear them to work, have lunch and when I am back home after 6 hours the colour is still there, just not that fresh. I don’t think I’d be finishing up the palette any time within a year. It is going to last that long or more. Even a swipe gives you enough product. Below is a swatch of a dark lip colour and a light lip colour to show you their pigmentation.

This is a great investment if you love playing with lip colours and don’t want to invest too much for your fun.

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Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.

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