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How to pick a simple Nail Polish for Konading?

Stamping is my favourite thing in nail art. Anybody can do it. You don’t need a special talent or something. But when I got myself a stamping kit I never stamped with anything other than the French White. In Pakistan, special Konad Polishes are not easily available. And just one white kind of took out the joy of stamping. Even now I have not managed to find all the shades I want but at least I am able to stretch my choices to something other than the plain, old white.
During this search I learned a lot of things, the very important being How to pick a simple Nail Polish for Konading.
Special made Konad Polishes are 30% more thicker than the usual polishes. The very basic rule is that the nail polish you want to stamp with MUST cover your nail in ONE coat. If it does, then you have got yourself a Konad Polish. It shouldn't dry instantly; because then it won’t give you time to pick up the image and stamp it on your nail. The best part is that you will find most Konad-like Polishes in cheap local brands and each will cost you not more than PKR 100. Though I will suggest to keep such nail polishes for stamping only, they seldom have a fine finish and chip off very easily.

I found myself 6 Konad-like Polishes. I have applied one coat of each. (L-R)
Medoral Nail Enamel in No.10
Flormar Nail Enamel in No.370
Medora Nail Enamel in No.19
Flormar Nail Enamel in No.110
Rivaj UK Color Fusion in No.11
Color Studio Professional Nail Colour in Rara (This one costs PKR 250 and is not a local brand)

Let's see a comparison between a plain Black Nail Polish (Flormar Nail Enamel in No.313) and a Konad-like Black Nail Polish (Rivaj UK Color Fusion in No.11).
(L-R)  Flormar Nail Enamel in No.313, Rivaj UK Color Fusion in No.11 
I have only applied one coat of each, the one of the left is quite sheer compared to the right one.
Here is how the stamp of each colour looks. As you can see Konad-like Polish because it is thicker leaves a more defined image.
(L-R)  Flormar Nail Enamel in No.313, Rivaj UK Color Fusion in No.11 
I got the Nail Display Practice Wheel from Born Pretty Store for $6.15. It comes in 10 pieces. You can practice your nail art or swatch nail colours all you want on it. 

Disclaimer: One of the product was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that this product was free does not influence my opinion at all.
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