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Two Life-Changing Products

I swear by these products. They have turned out beyond awesome for me.

My hair is naturally healthy but last summer, I was badly in need of a good hair product that could help my hair stay un-frizzy. I have always loved my hair but due to the humid weather, salty water, pollution I ended repulsing the look of them and found an excuse to have them ironed and thus further destroyed. I tried Herbal Essences, Shwarzkopf and Oriflame. Most de-frizzing shampoos made my hair too oily and lifeless. When nothing worked out I bought this L’Oreal Total Repair 5 from Al-Fatah which costed around PKR 345. Within a week my hair just magically transformed. They got luscious, healthy, soft to touch, shiny and best of all I never had frizzy hair day, which I absolutely loathe more than anything. I also felt it considerably decreased hair fall. Plus, it smells perfect. People have complained that this shampoo tends to make their scalp itchy. I don’t remember having any such issue. So it all depends on how well the shampoo suits your hair.

I have a combination skin because of which I prefer staying away from heavy moisturisers. I have always used Vaseline Aloe Vera Light Moisturising Lotion. But in winters when it’s so cold and drying it doesn’t work that well. My skin started appearing flaky and tight. I thought I’d try a night cream which can keep the skin moisture in balance without breaking me out. I bought L’Oreal White Perfect Transparent Rosy Whitening Night Cream for PKR 1050 from Al Fatah. This cream has multiple properties which is why I preferred it to other moisturisers. I wanted something that does not only keep my skin soft and supple but evens out the skin tone too. It is a gel like formula which totally absorbs into the skin leaving no film and smells so refreshing. I have been using it for a couple of months now. And truly there is never a day when I have got up and said oh how dull do I look today. My skin is radiant, even toned and perfectly moisturized. I used to break out badly on and off, probably in reaction to a makeup product or stark weather conditions or any food item. It is only my imagination or what but my skin has stayed clear since then. I may sprout just a pimple that disappears in a day or two but other than that I have not encountered any skin issue.

I am in LOVE with both these products. And I am going to keep re-purchasing till I tire myself out.

Has any product changed your life?
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