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Review & NOTD : KKcenterHK Ouqian Peacock Blue Pattern Shaping Magnetic Nail

After the much-popular shattered polish trend came the magnetic polishes. I was delighted when I was contacted by KKcenterHK to try one of the magnetic polishes from their latest range. I picked OUQIAN Peacock Blue Pattern Shaping Magnetic Nail (Shade# 19) which costs $10.22.
I was impressed by the packaging because even the nail polish came so securely packed.

The magnetic polish needs a magnet. Some polishes come with a magnet inside. Ouqian magnetic polish requires you to purchase a separate magnet. I was sent N.NAIL Magnetic Nail Polish Pattern Shaping Magnet which is a 3 in 1 magnet costing $13.84. This is the only website I have seen so far that has a 3 in 1 magnet which I think, if you can spend some extra bucks, is way cooler than the plain magnet that you get complimentary.

The best part is the convenience this magnet provides you with. You just need to adjust the distance for the magnet and insert your finger inside. The magnet is very strong and unlike other magnetic polishes that I have seen and heard about, the patterned effect on your nail is instant within a 15s time slot. Magical, right?

You also get to play with three different patterns: diagonal lines, straight lines or a star shaped pattern. The star shaped pattern unfortunately does not come out as crisp as the lines.

Learning to use magnetic polishes does not require as much practice as stamping or shattered polishes. But make sure that you keep a little distance between your nail and the magnet because if you hold too close you may mess up your polish. I have only used one coat for each nail. Below is a close up of my thumb (in flash):

I am wow-ed with how this magnetic polish worked out. The royal blue shade is pretty amazing and I love how the shimmer effect in it stands out in light. Right now I am really bent on trying more colours from their magnetic polish range. 

Do you like magnetic polishes? Or you prefer the classy yet simple single-toned nails?

Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.


  1. awww very unique and pretty

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    Great blog! :)


  3. Very cool and unique nail polish!

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  4. That is such cool nail polish!

  5. Golden Rose magnets work in as little as 5 secs, but they don't have such beautiful colours :(

    1. Oh really? I have never tried Golden Rose. Maybe this works in 5 secs too but I never cared to test. :P

  6. ahhh~ i love it!!! super super gorgeous design!!! ^_^~

  7. Hi there,
    thanks so much for your lovely comment and your blog is of course I am happily following you back now :)
    Hope we can keep in touch and share many "fashionable" comments ;)
    Btw, that nail art stuff looks awesome, so cool, never heard of it before but gotta try it!

    Have a fabulous week for now!

    xxx Lizzy from Fashion-BlaBla

  8. This looks super cute!

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  10. Nice blue nail polish..
    Looking nice!

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  11. i've always wanted to try a magnetic polish! you got great results!

  12. wao lucky you got a great product... i love the pattern on your nails blue color is pretty cool

  13. This i quite unique! I've heard about magnetic polishes before but had no idea how they worked, now I do. Thanks!

  14. Wow, such a gorgeous colour and the magnet sounds great!!


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