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Review: MUA Lipstick in Shade 7

Girls, there is nothing better than lipstick. Apart from maybe lipstick that costs just £1! Ok definitely lipstick that costs just £1. Don't say we're not good to you. Our amazing lipsticks come in 16 shades from red to pink and nude and are packed full of pigmentation. With just one swipe you'll have fantastic colour pay off resulting in gorgeous lips! Why not pick a shade you've not tried before and get a new look? It is just £1 after all...did we already mention that?

£1 / PKR 200
I bought it from International readers can get it from MUA Makeup Academy.

 £1 lipstick! A trashy product or a great bargain?

This would be the first time I have ever been mislead by internet swatches. I was hoping for a more peachy shade and it turned out to be pinkier than I wanted. I have also heard around the internet that people who have bought a same MUA shade twice have sometimes ended up with an altogether different colour. I don’t know how far is that true!
This Shade 7 is not bad at all for pink lipstick lovers, in fact it is really pretty pink, great for everyday wear. I was also not excepting it be pink shimmer. The shimmer is very slight and not that noticeable, but I would not have bought if I knew before as I am not a shimmer/glitter fan.
I have used Elf’s $1 lipsticks and they screamed cheap in their packaging and making. Especially the fact that they were so darn creamy they arrived broken. MUA has a simple, business-like look and the bullet arrived intact. The lipstick is nicely pigmented. The formula is creamy and glides easily giving a glossy finish. Though I would have liked it to be a little more moisturising.  It also has a slightly sweet scent but is absolutely tasteless.
And of course, numbered products you do lose a little bit of your impression on me. I wouldn’t have judged you Shade 7 if you were even named Pinkiness (or maybe..I would..just a little).

MUA Lipstick Shade 7 (lip swatch)
MUA Lipstick Shade 7 (hand swatch)

Besides the colour, because I was hoping for something else, the lipstick is of pretty good quality for something priced at £1 (PKR 200).


  1. The color looks gorgeous! :)

  2. i hate it when that happens!!!i was mislead by a nyx lipstick's swatches on the Internet :/ nonetheless the color looks good on you so no harm done:) x

  3. I love the shade. Agreed about the elf lipstick's packaging. I don't even use it any more.

  4. ..yes the color does Look good so no worries :)

  5. it looks good on you :) but when shade isnt something i expected its such a turnoff

  6. I think I lovee your choice, you always have the best shades to review! <3

    1. Haha! You are too sweet. ♥

  7. Gorgeous!

  8. The shade is pretty! I love it ^_~

  9. loving the color!


  10. he he he, the shade is still looking a bit peachy on you. i was about to say : Yay!! till i read that it really is more towards pink :)

  11. Lovely pick girl :) Really liked the shade..
    Great Blog :) m a new follower :D

  12. The colour is SO pretty! And for a steal too! Thanks for the review :)

  13. nice review:)) thnx for following my blog...U have an amazing blog....:))) luv ur blog design so much....


  14. Beautiful color and very reasonable price

  15. they have other shades like 13 and 14 i think that are much more to the nude peach side. i haven't tried them out cause its always sold out in stores :( but this is a lovely colour :) xx

  16. Not bad for a reasonable price.
    Thanks for commenting on my blog! I'd love if we followed each other!

  17. Love this shade :) Thanks for sharing!

  18. Do check my blog may be we follow each other

  19. this one is a ll tricky shade for ur review.enjoyed it esp the "message to numbered products".
    following you.


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