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Guest Post: Hair Colour that Suits You for the Summer

You met Sophie in the last guest post with her Summer Essentials Guide. She is a 25-year old graduate in Psychology. Her main interests are fashion, beauty and cute pets! 
Today she writes about how to find the perfect hair colour this season...

Dying your hair can be unpredictable and tricky to get just right. Many people opt for a colour they like without considering their skin tone and what will suit them. Treatments such as bleaching can also damage the hair and scalp, so it's important to think carefully about very drastic changes before hitting the salon.

Rules of the game
As a general rule, it's usually best to stick within two or three grades of your original hair colour to avoid your dye job looking obvious or unflattering. For example, if you're a brunette, try a more natural shade of dark blonde instead of bleaching excessively. Natural blondes can do light to mid-brown successfully but may struggle with very dark shades like cedar. Those with warmer skin colour (think peachy or yellow undertones) will do better with a corresponding warm shade. A cool skin tone such as pink will be offset by cooler shades like ash blonde or blue-black.

Whether you're getting the professionals in or donning the plastic gloves yourself, make sure you check out the full range of brands beforehand. Hair dyes have moved on from the days of a few flat colours and now come in all grades of subtle tones and shades like the Loreal Majirel products. It's also good inspiration to look at the lighter or softer shades that are trending for the summer and match up the right one for you.

A myriad of colours
Blonde is the ultimate summer colour; dark or ash, gold or strawberry, there are so many hues to play with that will give you that relaxed beach glow. Sandy blonde is popular right now as a more casual shade nearer to brown. It's a good choice if you're unsure about going for the full-on golden look just yet. Bold and chic platinum is big as well this season, if you like your shades to emulate that fifties starlet vibe. Following celebrities like Ashley Olsen, another current trend is for subtle tints of pastel through your blonde, which will also nicely offset a pale complexion.

Brunettes aren't just for winter, however. There are plenty of rich tones to try out for the summer months. At the moment, fashionable browns are all about the undertone. So, a lighter honeyed tone or warm caramel with slices of red lends a bit of visual interest. The 'ombré' effect is also a key trend, with the roots starting out one colour and gradually fading to another nearer the tips. 

Red is an ever-popular choice for dying, but there are a good variety of options beyond flame and chestnut. For the warmer season, think lighter, more coppery tones or highlights that will create an orange-gold hue. Increase the gold element and you will end up with a warm strawberry blonde for the summer. Florence Welch has put redheads back on the map in a big way and her vibrant tangerine shade is always an eye-catcher.

There's plenty of creativity in hair colour at the moment, so if you do want to take the plunge this season, you won't be short of ideas. Whether it is a soft blonde, multi-toned brown or radiant red, summer is a good time for a fresh look to kick-start the holiday mood.
Thank you Sophie for another helpful post! :)
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