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Review: Anatomicals Another Bloody Shower Gel

This light-hearted shower gel from Anatomicals is serious about cleaning. Rich red in color and distinctive in scent, the revitalising ingredients cleanse your body to make you feel like A-list material for a night on the town.

PKR 550 / $3.40
I bought it from Also available at ASOS.

It comes in a generous amount of 250ml plastic bottle with a flip cap lid.

Is it exotic enough to replace the TBS Shower Gels?

Totally caught up by its wacky name and description I bought it. Plus it looked promising and was half the price of TBS shower gels. For days I did not even want to touch it, the dark bloody red looked beautifully eerie in my cabinet. It smelt intoxicating. I dreamt about richly lathered baths and refreshingly scented me. One fine day, the temptation was too much and I broke my vow. And there my fantasy ended...
No matter how cool it looks, how addictive it smells, how budget-friendly it is; it does not lather up, the scent does not last at all and in bath it is below average. Compared to it, my 125 bucks Lux Shower Gel leaves a longer scent and lathers up more.

I expected so much and was totally disappointed. I wouldn't buy it again!
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