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How To Use Pale Lip Colours

Forgive me for the sorry state of these lip colours :/ 
Time and again we all make the mistake of accidentally or purposely buying pale lip colours that make us look ashy. Most of them then sit idle in our vanity cases, all love for them lost. I purposely bought the Etude Aqua Rouge Lipstick in BE806 (on the left) and misled by internet swatches purchased Sleek Pout Paint in Milkshake (on the right). The Etude one failed to be the nude I dreamt of and the Pout Paint never managed to look even remotely flattering. I was more shattered by the latter because it was a total waste of 1000 bucks (yes, I bought when it was the most expensive). Besides the obvious, mixing pout paint with pout paint or lipstick with lipstick, there are three other ways that can save your pale lip beauties.
Never do the mistake of applying a noticeable lip pencil or not blending the two things. Trust me this got out of trend ages ago (if it ever was one).

This one's my favourite! Gives an extra oomph to the entire lip colour.

I emphasize at dab. Here we are NOT mixing two lipsticks. Dabbing sustains the natural colour of the first shade.

How do you utilise your regretful pale lip colour purchases?
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