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Update: A Few Changes

Hey lovelies! I will keep it short and simple. Just wanted to update you with a few things. As you can see I have a new layout for my blog. I have been planning it for a couple of weeks. This may not be my dream design but I am still loving it! I have a very sweet friend of my sister to thank for this amazing header. I have also gotten a custom domain for my blog. Now stay updated with everything at www.thefemininecrusade.com. The old url will be redirected to the new one in a couple of days.
I’d love to hear what you guys think about this entire layout/change. Comment away and let me know.

I have also added ‘Categories’ in the tab underneath my header. Click and you will be directed to all the features of my blog.

And now you can also find me on pinterest and hellocotton. So don’t forget to follow. I am addicted to pinterest and I’d love to connect with you guys there.

Lastly, the Karmadia and Facebook Giveaway have now ended. The winners will be announced soon. The Ministry of Retails Giveaway is open till three more days so enter here if you haven’t already.

Follow me and let me know your honest opinion about this layout. ♥


  1. I like it.. very sleek and crisp design!
    Congrats on the new layout. :)


  2. I love the new widgets! Very cute :)

  3. New blog header is looking great. I am also working on my blog to change it and will update soon <3

  4. oh i love this post!
    really good!
    Love the blog btw, so great, you have amazing taste!
    Could you please check mine out please?
    would be an honour!
    thanks so much! keep up the good work!

  5. this layout is cool! good job! x

  6. I'm loving it, very clean and simple :)

  7. This is perfect and well organized. Love it! :)


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