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Getting Married, Moving Away & Guest Blogging

Yess I AM getting married next month and moving all the way to Germany. Aah it’s such a beautiful place. I have been waiting so long (it wasn’t that long, but it seemed forever) for my visa and now I can’t stop myself from leaping with joy. German visa is one hard nut to crack especially with learning German.
I won't be able to post regularly when I go off and take a break. But I will back with exciting changes to my life and more amazing makeup products that would be within my reach. I have scheduled some posts plus I am giving everyone a fair chance to come and blog on The Feminine Crusade.

If you are interested in doing a guest post make sure you follow these guidelines. 
·  The post should be related to beauty or fashion, preference would be for beauty/makeup posts though. Here are some post ideas and types of posts, you are welcome to suggest your own:
Makeup/Hair Tutorial/ DIY/ Beauty Tips
Product Review
Top 10/Favourite Products
Fashion trends/styling
·  Owning a blog is not important. You can also be a reader who wants to have their post showcased.
·  Please make sure your English is readable and the post is grammatically correct and well punctuated.
·  The post should contain at least ONE photograph. I would prefer personally taken photographs instead of stock images which should be clear and minimum 700 pixels wide.
·  Include a description of 1-2 lines about yourself or your blog that I will include at the top of the post.
·  If you are a blogger/youtuber, send me social networking links of your blog, facebook, twitter, pinterest etc and I will link at the end of the post.
·  This guest blogging is NOT for freelance writers trying to advertise or for promotion of a company. I won’t be allowing any such links in the post.
·  I reserve the right to not include any guest post that is not inkeeping with my blog or this criteria.

If you have a guest post idea but you aren’t sure whether I will like it or not? Email me your idea before writing and you will receive a prompt reply.

Many people get confused about how to submit a guest post. You either write your post in MS Word or in an email message. Attach the file and/or pictures and email me at

I will be accepting guest posts only till September 20th 2012.

I am not going anywhere RIGHT NOW. I will still be blogging. The guest posts and scheduled posts will probably start near the end of this month when I go off on a wedding break.
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