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Off On Wedding Break

This picture is a shot from my Bridal Shower, which my colleagues gave me before I left that place. Thanks to them I have such beautiful memories with me.
That time is finally here, it so hard to manage wedding preps and blog together and I feel so bad for not giving my proper time to you guys. So yeah I am going on about a three-week break from my blog and would be back with lots of fun wedding details. All those who commented on my last wedding related news post wanted to know about all the bits and pieces of my wedding, and I do have a thought in mind to get some exciting pictures and ideas together and do a whole post when I am back.
While I am gone, I have got some fabulous bloggers who were so kind to do guest posts here and I can guarantee you’d love reading them. I want to thank each and every one of the guest blogger, who is going to appear in this period, from the bottom of my heart. Seriously it means a lot knowing my blog is in good hands.
I have scheduled everything and the first guest post will be published tomorrow. Don’t forget to read these amazing people’s beauty passions.
Gonna miss you all and see you soon!  ♥
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