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5 Beauty Items You Must Never Share | Marib's Blog

This is the last of the guest post scheduled on my blog. Do you know what that means? That means..I will be BACKKK soon yayy! We have Marib as a guest blogger who writes about makeup-sharing blunders we all do without thinking and why to avoid them..

1. Contact lenses: While you might feel the urge to try and see how your friends pair might look on yourself, there are silent risks involved in the process. Irritation, red-ness, blurred vision are expected dangers. While in some rare cases; the development of corneal ulcer. Ouch!

2. Mascara: Most of us are aware of this one but only some know why. Sharing mascara is probably the biggest of all beauty sins a women could commit. Pinkeye disease, staph, bacterial and viral infections are all commonly associated with sharing mascara. Next time when your BFF needs to borrow, you ought to speak!

3. Sponges: The mere thought of borrowing a make-up sponge delivers goosebumps across my arms. Think about it, letting a dear friend borrow the sponge placed in your daily compact.. not only will the bacteria trapped inside the sponge, transfer onto your friends face, there will be a risk of you and the sharer of breaking out or developing a bacterial rash.

4. Anti-perspirant roll on: Who on earth could possibly, reasonably explain the mere act of "sharing" roll-on's?! Disgusting as it sounds, you wouldnt dare try. Arm pits tend to produce more sweat and sebum than the rest of the parts of the body. With that said, you wouldn't share a roll on, previously used on someone else's sweaty arm pit area. Would you?

5. Razors: If you're high on hygiene like me, than you possibly wouldn't allow your roomies paws on your razors. You shouldn't, there's much said about catching HIV or Hepatitis C through sharing razors with the infected. I'd say prevention is the key!

Now that you know why you shouldn't share certain grooming items, educate tour companions and reduce the chances of being affected.

While Shang goes on a lil' wedding break, us fellow bloggers get a chance to guest post on her blog. For which I may add a massive thank-you. :) If you found my post interesting then make sure to visit my blog at maribmaqsood.blogspot.com, blogging from Lahore about all things pink and beautiful!

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