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Review Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes | Beauty by Krystal

It's the longest I have been away from my blog (details here). I am sure my hands itch to write now. I have a hunch I would be back obsessed more with makeup. But today another beauty-obsessed blogger, Krystal shares her honest opinion about Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes...

I was gifted the Burt's Bees Facial Cleansing Towelettes a while back and have been struggling to finish the 30 wipe pack. To begin, the wipes are said to remove your makeup, cleanse your skin and tone all in one towelette. In my experience, it removes makeup decently, I've had to use two wipes to get everything off my skin. As far as cleansing and toning, now this is where I'm struggling, it burns my skin so bad! I don't notice any cleansing, it leaves a film on my skin which makes it dry to a tacky feel. I always feel the urge to wash my face after using these wipes, with other brands I can use a wipe and then opt out of washing my face if I'm feeling lazy or have no time.

Ok, now for a flip in the review, I actually like these a lot for removing makeup swatches on my arms and hands. As a daily beauty blogger, I take many photos of makeup swatches every day, so wiping away makeup over and over can really irritate the skin. These wipes tame the irritation of constant rubbing, soothes the skin and prevents redness and abrasion bumps. So, this means I can work all day, swatching and photographing without having to worry about my skin freaking out and ruining the photos.

Surprisingly, I will be repurchasing these wipes, but not for my face rather for my makeup testing, swatching and photographing. I cannot recommend them if you have sensitive facial skin as they might be too harsh for you. I've heard some people say they really like these, so you just never know until you try - BUT if you do try them, buy a 10 ct pack first ;)
They do have a sensitive version of these wipes, so I plan to pick those up next time and see if they are gentle enough for my face, stay tuned for that review on my blog.

Thank you Krystal for being a guest blogger here. Don't forget to follow Krystal on:
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