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Blogger Highlight: The Framed Lady & A GIVEAWAY

Hey, hey guys! Today I have a very special kind of post. I have collaborated with a fellow blogger for an inspirational interview and a giveaway that would benefit anyone who blogs and is looking for some spotlight.

We have the 23-year old Tess from The Framed Lady, who's been married for 4 years with her first baby on the way! She lives with her husband/man of her dreams, Conrad, in San Diego. With the all-year-round amazing weather of San Diego they spend their days in the sun, surfing and lounging on the beach. 

Along with sharing the story of her life she has some awesome blogging tips up her sleeves too. Let's pick her brain, shall we?

Hi! I'm Tess from The Framed Lady!

Tell us about your blogging journey.  When and how did you start, where are you right now, what are your future goals? 

I started blogging about four years ago. My brother was in a skateboarding accident that caused a cerebral hemorrhage (bleeding in the brain), and I decided I needed to start documenting my life and the things that matter to me. That day, I saw how potentially fragile everything was, and how much I would wish I had written down my experiences in a few years. So here I am, a few years later, and boy, am I glad I started this awesome journey! He was fine, by the way. 

My blog has kind of changed directions since I started. I've taken on a lot of networking, and have been working to make connections with other bloggers and reach out more. I've met some amazing people through blogging, and I'm definitely going to keep going!

I used to set goals like "reach 5000 followers in 5 years" but now am more concerned with actually making a difference. I love receiving heartfelt emails and comments from my readers more than I like seeing my numbers rise.

What’s the No.1 blogging tip you can give your readers? 

Oh, gosh. I feel a little silly sharing blogging advice as if I have any authority on the subject. Here are some of the things that I've found have helped me. 

1. Be kind. As a writer of a blog, and as a reader of other blogs, you should always behave appropriately. Just because you're behind a screen and not in person doesn't mean you should be rude or unkind in any way. People put a lot of work into their spaces on the internet, and it never feels good to have someone criticize you. If you are truly taking issue with something they've said or done, email them privately and confront the issue with confidence. Hiding behind an anonymous screen name and dirty insults is cowardly. Those of us who have ever received those comments would all agree.

2. If it's in your budget, sponsor other blogs. Find blogs with similar niches as yours, and sponsor them! If it's not in your budget, swap. Find blogs with the same amount of followers as yours, and trade. Sharing audiences is great for bloggers!

3. If you're wanting to incorporate networking into your blogging, do giveaways. Reach out to your favorite etsy shops and bloggers and ask if they'd be willing to have a giveaway on your blog. Open giveaways up to your sponsors/swaps and have group giveaways. Have milestone giveaways. When you reach a big number like 1000 followers, have an "all can contribute" giveaway. This gets new readers to your blog and to other bloggers, and it is super fun for the winners! 

4. Don't write about topics that aren't "you." Blog about what you know. Your readers will be able to tell if you're just reaching for readers, and chances are, they might not come back to your blog. Be authentic. 

5. Find something you could improve on - AND DO IT. Do you not post enough pictures? Post more. Could your pictures be better? Practice (and start using a photo editor). Do you lack variety in your topics? Branch out. Does your blog design make your blog seem cluttered or too sparse? Invest in a new one. 

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I hope you'll stop by my blog! 
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If you are as touched by her blogging journey and beautiful pictures as me, don't forget to check out more about both Tess and Conrad by following her on The Framed Lady.

And now for the giveaway guys. Tess has very sweetly offered a LARGE AD SPOT on her blog for 1 lucky WINNERAll you have to do is enter in the rafflecopter form below. The first five options are MANDATORY.

ENDS APRIL 27, 2013

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