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Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose - Review & Swatches

Picture of Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose

Sephora Brand Highlighting Compact Powder allows you to bring out the best and the brightest your complexion has to offer. Brush over the high points of the face, such as cheekbones, browbones, and lightly over the bridge of the nose for light-catching illumination.

$15.00| Amazon, Ebay
I bought it in a 3 for €10,00 sale.

Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder comes in two shades, Rose & Dore; each containing 11g of product.

Picture of Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose

The day Sephora decided to have a clearance sale was like I struck gold. Among many other things, one being the previously reviewed Benefit Fake Up Concealer, I picked the Sephora Highlighting Compact Powder. There was a 3 for €10 deal on all Sephora products, so I got this for around €3.

I LOVE highlighting. Just so much! The difference it makes to the face is stunning. With the right highlighter your face glows like a star (err, in a good way). There is no denying Benefit High Beam is a cult beauty favourite (mine too) and also I always prefer liquid highlighters over powder ones, because of their subtle, natural sheen. Or maybe because I never had a chance to try a good powder highlighter.

Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose is a soft shimmery peachy-pink. It is very finely milled with tiny shimmer particles and nicely pigmented for a highlighter that I don’t have trouble picking it up. I use my Sigma E40 to apply, works great! The highlighter is so buttery smooth and blends and sets so well, giving a GORGEOUS glow to my cheekbones (that’s where I apply it most). I wore it for 8 hours and it hadn’t faded when I came home.

The only trouble I have is opening the compact case which might break my nail someday, it’s pretty tight. And do you know what does it smell of? Baby powder! Lol.

It’s no longer available on the Sephora website, I have no idea if it’s discontinued or what. Let me know if this can be found anywhere besides Amazon/Ebay.

Picture of Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose Swatch
Sephora Compact Highlighting Powder in Rose (swatch)
Ohh I love it. Period.


  1. This looks so pretty. The colour is perfect!
    hareem x

  2. Oh my gosh... it's absolutely beautiful!!!! I would so love this xx
    Gemma ♥ | Miss Makeup Magpie

  3. Ahhh i have been loving everything that youve been featuring on your blog recently!

  4. I am also a highlight addict, although I have been using the same Mac loose iridescent powder for years because it just never runs out! But I may have to pick this up soon.

  5. That looks like such a pretty highlight shade!! Thanks for stopping by :)

    Hope you have a Terrific Tuesday!

    My Blog, Crystal Chizoba
    My YouTube Channel

  6. Gosh... this is sooo lovely <3

  7. Its so pretty.. Hope they don't discontinue it :(

  8. WOW! Love the print and the shade. xx

  9. it looks v pretty love the shade

  10. I'm going to Sephora after work today! I'll keep it mind. God knows I ALWAYS end up spending way too much money there.


    Jules of Canines & Couture

  11. I love the flower pattern on it! X

  12. This is SO Adorable! the looks makes me want to own it hehe :D

  13. oh I love packaging *-*

  14. I am a highlighter girl.. guess I should be grabbing this one for obvious reasons!

  15. PERFECT <3 I'm a fan of Liquid High Beam never know it has powder too ... Im def gonna buy it xxx

  16. this is super gorgeous... thanx for sharing..

    btw i m missing u on my blog honey


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