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Sigma F55 and P86 Brushes - Review

Sigma F55 and P86

Sigma is amongst my favourite makeup brushes brand. I totally love their quality, their look and their prices compared to the rest of high-end brands are kind of not bad either. Okay yes they are somewhat expensive but good brushes is something to be invested in. Anyways, a while back I ordered these two F55 and P86 from their website and after about a few months of use here's my review. 

Sigma F55 Small Duo Fibre Brush | $16.00
“Fiber blend with small flat top.
Creates a controlled airbrush effect on the skin.
Use with cream or powder blush and highlighting products.”

Do you remember the Weekly Highlight post I did on this brush? If you LOVE cream blushes as much as I do, F55 is a must-have! During the #bbloggers chat many people tweet asking about the best way to apply cream blushes or how their foundation gets rubbed off if the blushes are blended with fingers. Honestly ladies, this brush could be your answer.

F55 has very soft bristles which lightly pick the product and give an airbrushed effect. Although it would work best with creamy blushes like the Topshop ones. I tap the brush in the pan and then in the same light tapping motion apply the product on my cheeks.

This brush is not in any way dense so unless you are applying a super pigmented powder blush it won’t do much in picking powder products.

I am super impressed with the quality of this brush. Can’t imagine applying cream products without it now. 

Sigma P86 Precision Tapered Brush -  $16.00
“Small, dense and tapered head.
Precise concealer application.
Exact placement of concealer on harder to reach areas such as around the eyes and nose, chin, and around the mouth.”

Even though I find applying concealer with my fingers best I still wanted to give this Sigmax range a try. I thought maybe with a brush, application would be more effortless. Unfortunately, I do not like P86 much. 

It definitely is not suitable to apply concealer on my under eye area. I find it slightly coarse, I can feel the bristles scraping ever so lightly on my sensitive eye area and it does not blend the concealer very well either. In the end I am again patting around my eyes with my fingers

I do not have any major spots/imperfections around the rest of my face only my super dark under eye circles so that is the only place I apply concealer on. P86 might feel softer around the rest of the face and might blend better too. And because of its precise tip it is quite useful to apply concealer around the lips to give a more defined lipstick look and prevent colour bleeding.

Sigma F55 and P86

Both the brushes do not shed and come with protective plastic wraps around their head which also helps retain their shape.

Sigma Free Gift over $30

In January when I ordered these brushes Sigma was giving this three eyeshadow palette as a free gift over orders of $30. And if I am going away for a few days with not much space in my makeup bag, I throw in this palette and these three eyeshadows work together perfectly.

For the month of May, Sigma is offering their Sigma 05 Eyeliner Brush in pink as a gift if your order is more than $30. You can also use the code RSR2013 to get 10% off your total purchase.

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