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Weekly Highlight: Marc Jacobs Dot

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Have you every gotten obsessed with something knowing that obsession may not be the best thing out there? That's what happened to me with Marc Jacobs Dot. The hype just overwhelmed me. I saw so many people saying it is overpriced just being an eye-catchingly adorable designer perfume and has a not-so-unique scent and a very low staying power.

Still, I WANTED it. Mainly because it has an utterly cute packaging. Although the only place I compromised was buying a 30ml bottle than a full size one since honestly I did not fall in love with the scent. It is a floral and fruity mix, my favourite but Dot is not a blow-your-mind-away, out-of-the-world fragrance for me. Compared to this I adore my DKNY Be Delicious more, which I purchased along with this.

Marc Jacobs Dot starts with top notes of red berries, dragon fruit and honey suckle. It becomes more floral as it dries down to notes of jasmine, orange blossom and coconut and leaves with a scent of vanilla and musk.

It does not last very long on me but everything considered it is very spring-y, refreshing and fun. And since I have been wearing this for the past week it had to be my Weekly Highlight.

Marc Jacobs Dot in 30 ml is available for $48 on Sephora. I bought it from Sephora Netherlands clearance sale on a 40% discount.
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