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Blog Makeover Update

I don't even know for how long I have wanted a professional blog makeover. But honestly before this, I never found somebody who I felt would understand me and what I want my blog to look like. And then there were people who were charging such insane amounts, c'mon I'd never spend 300 bucks only for my blog design.

The most exciting, overwhelming and unbelieveable part is that Grace (my blog designer) owner of Grace of Beauty and Urban Hype XO made my blog look exactly like how I had pictured it in my mind. She has a very distinct style which is evident when you visit her blog. The first time I looked at her blog, I was mesmerized, it's SO pretty and unique. You just want to stay there and click and click and click. From that moment I have wanted only her to do my blog makeover and one day when she was a doing a discount on her blog services, the moment was too good to lose.

She was honestly an amazing person to work with, a total sweetheart, who'd listen to you and really understand your mindset. She first showed me a sample which was awesome but still not me. When I told her that, she in a day came up with a new layout which was totally ME. She tweaked anything I wanted changed. Honestly, she was not a snobby blog designer, pushing every second, making you think only she knows better. She picked my style and recreated that in her own way. And in only 10 DAYS I had a new blog. I could go and on about her haha.

As a very genuine friend of yours, all I would like to say is if you are looking for a blog makeover, Grace is definitely that person who won't break your bank, won't make you regret spending a single penny on your blog and give you whatever style you want.

I totally forgot to take a screenshot of my old blog but here is the header and for those who follow me for quite some time will know what's changed.

I'd love to know what you guys think of my new blog design. 

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