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Monday's Mini: Catrice Eye Liner Pen in 'Black'

Catrice Eye Liner Pen in 'Black'

I wanted to get the Maybelline Line Stiletto Eyeliner but I don't what know pushed me towards Catrice instead. I had run out of my trusted Color Studio Knockout Eye Marker and I always keep one felt tip eyeliner at handy for quick applications.

Catrice Eye Liner Pen in 'Black'
Catrice Eye Liner Pen in Black2.99
I had some quite pleasant and impressive encounters with this brand in the past, which could be one reason I picked Catrice over Maybelline. The second would be it is way cheaper. And I am glad it is, or it would have been a pity since I do not like this eyeliner much.

When eyeliners are Black I expect them to be pigmented and Black. Sadly Catrice Eye Liner Pen is a li'l watery and lacks in intensity. Only after a couple of swipes can I achieve the blackness I like. The felt tip could also have been a little more pointier. 

The good thing is, the eyeliner does not smudge and stays put all day. However, it does stain the skin and you will need a good makeup remover to wipe it off.

Apart from all this, I do not hate it and I intend to use it till it runs out.

Lacks in pigmentation! I wouldn't repurchase.

Have you tried the Catrice Eye Liner Pen? What's your favourite felt tip eyeliner?

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