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With Love, TFC's Exclusive Advertiser

My Exclusive Advertisers for June are the amazing Nicole & Aaron from the etsy shop 'Live Beautifully'. If you want to advertise with me, check out my advertising page here.

Live Beautifully is not just a brand, it’s a notion, an idea that we try to live by every day. Feeling good about yourself, inside and out -

For us, that means enjoying the mountains by our home in Denver, Colorado, hiking the trails and feeling the mountain sun on our face. It means knowing that what we put on our skin is natural and from the earth.

The first time we really took a good look at the main- stream products we were using on a regular basis was the day we decided to change the way we moisturize and care for our skin forever.

We set out to forge a brand centered around these three principles: the natural healing properties of our ingredients, unique scent offerings, and an experience that travels with the consumer, from the store to their home. 

Live Beautifully Body Live Beautifully Body - Lip Product Comparison Chart

With a diverse range of products including lip balms, lip butters, lip jellies, deodorants, body butters, cleansers, and more -Live Beautifully offers something wonderful for everyone.

We create beautiful products for a beautiful world.

Nicole & Aaron

Check out their 20% discount sale on All Natural Deodorants. Sale ends June 17th.
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