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AVON Color Trend Nail Enamels | Little Known Ways To Giggle

Today we have the lovely Aiman with a guest post on three beautiful summery nail colours.

AVON Color Trend Nail Enamels 2013
(L-R) Bikini, Sugared Peach, Mint Ice

Hello! I’m Aiman, owner of the blog Little Known Ways to Giggle and an official AVON member. Today I’ll be sharing my views of some of the new collection in AVON Color trend Nail Enamels.

Anyways, so I ordered three polishes: Bikini, Mint Ice & Sugared Peach on the internet and it was delivered to me in about a week & a half (which was pretty quick) in a small package. The bottles were packed in cute pink little boxes and my first reaction was “OMG! They’re so cute and perfect for summer season, just what I wanted.  YAY!!” And after that day, I’ve been applying these colors over and over, over and over again and again, trying out different designs and styles and so far I love them a lot.

The first shade, Bikini looks more like a corally shade in the pictures rather it’s a slightly nude pink color and it basically need two coats to make the color more opaque on your nails (QUICK TIP: Apply a thin coat of white polish to make the color more vibrant). I’m absolutely happy with this shade as it’s natural, lovely and fun to wear. P.S. You can see my French manicure in the picture because of the flash.
1 = Sugared Peach with white base coat, 2= without white base coat.
The second shade Sugared Peach is more of a Honey-Yellow shade. To be honest, I was a little upset to get this shade first as it was not the shade that was on the brochure, the color that was advertised was a pure coral, which is not good. =/ But later on, I liked the color in itself, it’s cute and pastel so OK.
1 = Mint Ice without white base coat, 2= with white base coat.
The last one but not all the LEAST one, Mint Ice. Aaaaahhhh guys if you’ve been following me on my blog and other social sites you would know how obsessed I am with this color, it’s like my all-time go to shade. I LOVE buying everything in mint, shoes, accessories, nail colors, tops, pants etc etc, and I’m not bored at all yet ;). So, as soon as I saw it I LOVED it. Although it’s too watery, it’s super quick dry after the first coat which sometimes is a good thing but in this nail polish it’s not, it becomes sticky. But somehow it looks great after the third coat. If you’re not so much obsessed with this shade than try some other brand like Essie which is awesome.
Sugared Peach (left) & Mint Ice (Right)
·         Colors are pretty, summery & vibrant (after three coats)
·         Affordable

·         Need to apply at least three coats
·         Quick dry
·         Small Bottle


Hope you all like my review. Please visit my blog for more reviews and fun tutorials. 
I am certainly loving Mint Ice girl! You can follow Aiman on her:

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