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KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss - Review & Swatches

KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss

A new formula of incomparable sensory to illuminate the complexion and bring a touch of silky color to cheeks and cheekbones. 

Its special technology, combining four different types of powders, gives rise to a surprising texture. In contact with the skin, the creamy texture of this blush is transformed into an air impalpable powder that adheres evenly and naturally to face. 

£4.90, €6.40 | KIKO
*no longer available

KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush is was available in 6 colours. It contains 6g of product, comes in a cardboard box (not pictured), with a faux velvet pouch and an attached mirror.

 KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss
 KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss

I don't know what's with me and discontinued products lately. After taking and editing all its pictures, when I sat down to writing I found that this blush is no longer available. What a bummer! It is a beautiful product. Although you can still check out the rest of KIKO's blush collection here, they have an overall great range.

Anyway, on with the review..Pink Kiss is a creamy peachy pink colour, that is beautifully pigmented. It is by far one of the best cream blushers I have tried, a tad bit on the wet side but I LOVE IT. Great colour payoff, blends like a dream and lasts 3-4 hours. I am really sad that this blush is no longer available, since it is definitely is a must-have.

Apart from that, their packaging is adorable. The platinum casing with floral kinda patterns and the velvet pouch is such a luxurious combination. Reminds me of Clarins!

If you haven't tried anything from the brand KIKO yet, you should. It is an Italian brand with a HUGE and affordable range of makeup. Their collection is just endless. I get so confused everytime I enter their shop that I come running out empty-handed lol.

KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss (swatch)
KIKO Pure Pleasure Creamy Blush in Pink Kiss (swatch)


A gorgeous cream blush for a cream blush lover!

 photo signI-1.jpg 


  1. have been seeing many good reviews about this brand but never gt a chance to try them out! i look so vibrant, smooth and soft and texture i wish i can have this one :)

  2. This blusher seems deliciously creamy! Bad that its discontinued!

  3. Such a gorgeous blush! Love your swatch. Too bad that Kiko discontinued it >_<

  4. I have heard so much about Kiko product and their nail colors are literally something to die for!

  5. I'd never heard of Kiko before! Thanks for sharing, great blog xoxo

  6. Lovely packaging, and how creamy does the blush looks. The shade is SO pretty. x

  7. I've only used kiko's nailpolishes and want to try more. This shade looks beautiful!

  8. Oh wow! It looks absolutely gorgeous, I love the packaging.. it looks almost like an high end product! xx

    Gemma | Miss Makeup Magpie

  9. ufff what a creamy yummy blush.I never heard of this company.thankyou for sharing great post as alaways.xoxo

  10. I am asking my cousin to get me some kiko products :)
    she said its foundation is great


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