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Victoria's Secret Love Spell Gift Set | The Brunette Head

Victoria Secret's has one of the best gift sets that smell amazing. We have Seemal today from The Brunette Head sharing her thoughts on Victoria's Secret Love Spell Gift Set.

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Victoria's Secret Love Spell Gift Set

Victoria's Secret has always offered me with the most girly perfumes I could ask for. Their packaging being the spot on, has never ever ceased to make me gasp and squeal at the first look. Their packaging is worthy of being loved at first sight.

This set was a gift from my aunt and the first thing I noticed when she handed me that bag has a golden plate that said "Love Victoria's Secret" and boom! Right then and there I fell head over heels for it. No more explaining! I absolutely love the look of gold on true purple leather. The bag itself is a purple leather bag with a deep brown leather strap with gold details. It has two pockets in front and the inside is lined with a hot pink cloth. Unfortunately, it does not have pockets inside. One of the things that I love is the detailing on the zipper. It just seems to add a touch of punk to the entire look of the bag. All in all, the bag is pretty girly and casual and I won’t hesitate abusing it by taking it all around town this summer. 

Coming to the goodies inside. Just as I opened the bag my nose was stuffed with the scent of fresh cherry blossoms, with a fruity kick to it. It had three products inside; a body mist, a body lotion and a daily body wash (which I obviously won't be using daily because I'm afraid I'll run out of it). All the products are 4.2 fluid oz. to be accurate. 

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Gift Set - Daily Body Wash
First up, the packaging. Out of all the three products the body wash has the best packaging. As you can see in the picture above, it's a slant see through bottle with a sticker on it. The sticker has a shiny purple turn hot pink gradient with a flower at the end. I don't know why but I found it somewhat royal looking. The back has white text and from the see-through bottle you can adore the metallic lavender back of the sticker. Again very royal looking. Now the cap was made of gold plastic and was the press on type again something I love since unlike flip tops, it has NO chance of breaking.

Now the main part; the scent and performance. I am not very good at describing scents but I'll try my best. So as it says, it does smell a lot like cherry blossoms and fruit but I can't tell that the fruit is supposed to be peach. It's flowery, fruity and summery but since it is a body wash if you smell it directly from the bottle you can tell that it has a shampoo-ey kick to it as well. The smell is really fresh and you bathroom is likely to smell like a garden of Japan. The product is a gooey tinted purple gel that lathers up well and the scent lingers on all day long. 

The packaging again is a true beauty. The bottle is short and width-wise larger than the other two products, made of dual chrome white plastic with a beautiful pink tint. The back has gold lettering and again the cap is a press-on type.

The scent of it is again like cherry blossom with a hint of fruit but much less concentrated. It's not strong in comparison to the other to and has a buttery/milky scent the tones down the cherry blossoms. The product is of a very very light lavender color, almost white with a buttery consistency. It goes on smooth and makes my skin feel instantly soft. Leaving a light aroma of cherry blossoms that stays a few hours.

Victoria's Secret Love Spell Gift Set - Body Mist
*Drum roll* Here comes the main component. The body mist too has a packaging to die for. Second best to the body wash for me. A slant bottle and from the front you can see a sticker faking floating blossoms. The pump is good and sprays a decent about of product in one push.

The fragrance; this is the thing that grants justice to the cherry blossoms and peach. Quite concentrated (duh! It's a mist.) and smells totally like cherry blossoms with a kick of fruity/peachy scent. Again I won't say it smells like peaches but if you smell real closely, somewhere in there you get a hint of peaches. Nothing too strong and a perfect choice for spring/summer. The smell lasts all day long and when worn with the other two products, you can definitely rock it for two days.

Overall, I love the gift bag and I am way too happy to have it! The bag is casual and so is the scent and is totally my new favorite scent for summers.

I hope you enjoyed and I can't thank Shang enough for the opportunity.
That's such a cute set Seemal! I really want to go out and get it now. To see more of Seemal's amazing photography and candid posts follow her on:
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