Birthday Wishlist

With only a few days away from my birthday and dreaming about all kinds of birthday treats, I decided to compile a list of stuff I really want this year. And there are times when my husband decides to drop by my blog *wink* So with this conspirational thought here is my wishlist:

1. Sigma Mrs Bunny Essential Kit - I have lost count of how many times this kit has appeared in my wishlists. I don't even want to splurge on other brush kits. It has to be this or no other!

2. Juicy Couture Viva La Juicy Noir - I adore Juicy Couture perfume bottles, all their sweet scents are not up my alley but when I read about this new release Noir it sounded like something which I'd love to own, more for the bottle, less for the scent though haha.

3. ASOS Embellished Cat Eye Sunglasses - The days have gotten cloudy, we don't see the sun so much any more still my wanting for these embellished sunnies have not ended.

4. Bare Minerals Obsessed With Pink - I saw this limited edition kit in Sephora and ohemgee it has everything that a makeup fanatic like me could want; containing a full size Bare Minerals blush, lipgloss, eyeliner and eyeshadow duo. And it is called Obsessed with Pink...

5. Tabletop Spinning Cosmetic Organiser by Lori Greiner - I once saw it on letmakeitup1's vanity and I knew I wanted this. Unfortunately it is not available in Germany and shipping for this could be slightly pricier than normal.

6. Mango Ornamented Jacket - I have blazers and cropped jackets in almost every colour than black. I WANT black! This ornamented jacket looks so chic.

7. Mango Mixed Patterns Maxi Dress - I have never come upon a maxi dress that is a perfect style for me until this elegant piece flashed on my laptop screen and it was instant love. If I have to treat myslef to a birthday gift, I'd give me this.

Did anything from my Birthday Wishlist tickle your fancy?

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  1. I hope your hubby stops by soon on ur blog :)Lovely wishlist :)

  2. I love the look of the Sigma brush kit! The colours are really cute
    Estelle x

    1. Love the Sigma brush kits. :D

  3. Nice picks. May all of them find it's way to your vanity :)

  4. Haha you sneaky girl? Heres to hoping he drops by your blog and has a pen and paper ready :)

  5. The maxi dress looks gorgeous! Happy early birthday Shang! :)

    The Caribbean Flower


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