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Mix n'Match Summer Manicure - NOTD

Mix n'Match Summer Manicure

Does it happen to you that you wanna paint your nails with every colour that lies in your drawer? If I could I'd be changing my nail colour every 3 hours. On a similar day there were a few summer-y colours lying in front of me and after not deciding on any one of them for 15 full minutes I just did this manicure.
Want to know what I used?

Mix n'Match Summer Manicure

Beginning from my index finger, I painted all my nail with Orly Beach Cruiser and after it had dried down with a curvy french nail guide I did the tip with LCN I Love Mint.
My middle finger has been painted with two coats of OPI The Color of Minnie.
The ring finger was done with two coats of Astor Yellow Buttercup and again with a different french nail guide I did the base using OPI The Color of Minnie.
As for my pinkie, I painted it all with NYX Mermaid Green and once it dried I put a scotch tape vertically in the middle of my nail and did the other half with Orly Beach Cruiser.
In the end, I sealed everything with the Essence Quick Dry Topcoat.
If a day comes when you cannot pick one colour to paint your nails with, this is the best thing to do. ;)

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