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With Love, TFC's Advertisers

These are my amazing Large & Medium advertisers for August. Do pop by their fabulous blogs/shops! If you want to advertise with me, head over to my Advertising page here.

I am a photographer living in Washington State, but I have also lived in South Africa as well as in other parts of the U.S. I love the outdoors, and so I try to take landscape photos that show the beauty of nature. I also like working with macro photography, where I can photograph interesting objects or scenes up close. I hope you enjoy what you see.

Who am I? I'm Gina, 22 and a student (nurse), a fiancĂ©, a “young mum”  (how I hate that generic label) to two beautiful little boys aged 6 months and 3 years, a friend, a daughter, a big sister, a cleaner, a cook lol among other domestic pleasures, and a million other labels but to name a few.    
So what have I actually got to say? Well lots and lots on life, lifestyle, my family life, studies, my general opinions, thoughts, day to day musing and some product reviews on girly things, family products and anything else I want to praise or grumble about.
What do I think? My life seems so busy at times (slightly less until my maternity leave finishes in September) but i still feel pretty busy all the same,  but one thing I love is the written word reading and writing it and enjoy taking the time out to ramble on about the things jumping around in my brain, it’s like a form of therapy and stress relief, but also a passion for me.
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Hi. I'm Shivani, a 22 year old girl from Toronto. My blog is called Glam Diaries and I also make videos on YouTube under the name of EverythingPink17Glam Diaries is a Canadian Beauty, Fashion and Lifestyle blog. I write product reviews on both high-end and drugstore makeup and also do outfit posts. Since I am of Indian ethnicity you can find a lot of Indian outfit posts (suits and saris) and blouse design posts on my blog. My YouTube channel mainly has DIYs and nail art videos with occasional recipes. I will be starting beauty, fashion and hair tutorial videos soon. Thanks for reading and joining me on my journey!

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