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Wonderland Wigs Double Volume Ombre Clip In Weave - Review

Wonderland Wigs Double Volume Ombre Clip In Weave

I just don't like messing with my hair, exposing them to too much heat or chemicals, it's just not me. But I love, love the ombre hair trend and have always wanted it badly. So when I saw this not-too-expensive Ombre Clip-In Weave or Half Wig (as some may call) it was like my prayers got answered.

Wonderland Wigs Double Volume Ombre Clip In Weave

This Clip-In Weave is available in two colours dark brown to caramel (pictured) and chocolate brown to caramel. I wish there were more then two colours since the darkest shade does not really match the top of my head, my natural hair are a very dark blackish-brown and to wear this I have to really put an extra effort to make it blend well.

The weave is not made of human hair rather it is synthetic. When I first heard that I was pretty skeptical but honestly the quality is pretty amazing, it is almost like human hair. Human wigs have to be treated and cared for like they are our own hair, regular washes, styling, brushing etc is very important. Synthetic wigs, however, cannot be heat styled or dyed but they survive without the excess care plus they are cheaper and less of a hassle to keep.

Wonderland Wigs Ombre Clip-In Weave has a lace cap and flexi-combs at the top and bottom. It is pretty easy to clip in, you can check this video here or this how-to guide here.

How I Apply: From what I read on the internet some say half wigs can be worn over your natural hair to get extra volume and others recommend tucking your natural hair away. Since this is already a double volume weave I would say to do the latter unless you have very thin hair. The wig is 22" in length whereas my own hair almost reach my waist. So in my case a simple ponytail could not suffice for hiding the hair. 
I parted my hair from the top of my head, brought my fringe and some extra hair forward for better blending later and then created a flat bun, pinning all my hair to the scalp. I then slid the weave in place securing with the flexi-combs. Since you would be able to see a little partition where you real hair is and where the wig starts it is better to opt for a hairstyle that covers that area. Back-swept, side-swept hair are a good option or you can place a large headband on the seam.

I personally think this half wig is way better than full ones since you have your own hair at the front and better than the hair extensions since they are more of a hassle and time-consuming. Also you can achieve any hair style, length or volume without experimenting with your natural hair. 

Wonderland Wigs have a wide range of hair extensions, wigs, hair pieces on their website which are worth a look. You can tell how much I loved this clip-in weave that after three days of receiving it I ordered a Clip-in Fringe (yaay).

Use code FEMININE to get a 10% discount on everything on their site (hair extensions excluded).
Disclaimer: This product(s) was sent to me for consideration to review. I was not paid for this review,  I am not affiliated with this company and the fact that the product(s) was free does not influence my opinion at all.
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